2020-2026 Global Supercapacitor Market Product, Module and Application Report, which contains 35 company profiles and industry guides, and contains the contact information of more than 100 companies


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The automotive and transportation industries are expected to become the fastest-growing market for supercapacitors. The global demand for supercapacitors is expected to grow at a compound growth rate of 16.6% per year from 2019 to 2026, reaching the expected growth rate. US$2.7 billion By 2026, the overall global market for supercapacitors is expected to exceed $3 billion In 2020.

The global market for supercapacitors is the largest and the fastest growing. Asia Pacific.

However, the Covid-19 outbreak has adversely affected every industry China in December 2019 The demand for supercapacitors has also left its mark. Although before the pandemic, the supercapacitor market showed a good picture, with high double-digit growth rates in the range of 25%-35%, but these trends are now difficult to maintain.

Countries around the world are facing a challenging medium-term future, and recovery may take one to three years, depending on the economic trajectory of a particular region before this devastating outbreak.

Western Europe with United States It seems to be more severely affected than the Asian region, although it is still too early in terms of any relief from the infectious disease expected. However, many countries have now begun to open up their industrial activities to revive the sluggish market, hoping that other countries can join in and work together.

Research results and reports

  • The global market research report on supercapacitors analyzes the market from product types, module types and end-use verticals.
  • This report vertically estimates the market size of supercapacitors according to product types, module types and end uses in all major countries
  • Developed a revolutionary supercapacitor with a tenfold increase in energy density
  • Carbon nanowalls and carbon nanotubes are the latest developments in supercapacitors
  • Thanks to supercapacitors, the potential of battery-free electric vehicles is bright
  • Metal nanoparticles in paper-based supercapacitors can increase energy density
  • Focus on product innovation/development, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and other major business trends in recent industry developments
  • Profiles of Major Companies-35
  • The industry guide includes contact information for 101 companies

Analysis period, unit and growth rate

  • The report reviews, analyzes and forecasts the global supercapacitor market from 2017 to 2026 based on the market value (in US dollars) and the expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2019 to 2026.

Main market trends

  • Developed a revolutionary supercapacitor with a tenfold increase in energy density
  • Current and future prospects of carbon-based electrode materials for micro-supercapacitors in self-powered sensor networks
  • Carbon nanowalls and carbon nanotubes are the latest developments in supercapacitors
  • Thanks to supercapacitors, the potential of battery-free electric vehicles is bright
  • A new generation of wearable electronic devices supported by solar-powered flexible supercapacitors
  • 3D printed supercapacitor electrodes show unparalleled laboratory performance
  • Metal nanoparticles in paper-based supercapacitors can increase energy density

Major global players

  • CAP-XX Limited (Australia)
  • Eaton Corporation (Ireland)
  • Ioxus (United States)
  • KEMET Electronics Corporation (United States)
  • Korchip Corporation (Korea)
  • LS Mtron Co., Ltd. (Korea)
  • LS Super Capacitor (Korea)
  • Maxwell Technology Corporation (United States)
  • Nesscap Co., Ltd (Korea)
  • Panasonic Corporation (Japan)
  • Seiko Instruments Corporation (Japan)
  • Skeleton Technology Co., Ltd. (Germany)
  • SPEL Technologies Private Ltd. (India)
  • Tecate Group (United States)
  • Winatech Co., Ltd. (Korea)
  • Yunasco Co., Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Main business and product trends

  • Murata has produced two new multilayer ceramic capacitors for automotive applications
  • XS Power Batteries acquires Ioxus
  • Skeleton Technologies launches SkelMod 131V supercapacitor
  • Kyocera Corporation acquires AVX Corporation
  • Skeleton Technologies develops SkelMod 17V 533F super capacitor module
  • Skeleton Technologies will provide super capacitor modules to Attabotics, Inc
  • Skeleton Technologies and Medcom join hands to practice supercapacitors
  • VINATech participation Japan International Exhibition
  • Evans Capacitor Company received 7 million USD Follow Northrop Grumman’s orders
  • Skeleton Technologies launches SkelCap SCA0300 supercapacitor
  • CAP-XX acquires Murata supercapacitor production line
  • VINATech launches a new 3.8V hybrid capacitor VPC series
  • AVX Company Acquires Chengdu OK New Energy
  • Maxwells supercapacitor business integrated into Tesla
  • Skeleton Technologies agrees to supply ultracapacitors to Skoda Electric
  • Eaton’s latest XLR-51 super capacitor module
  • Tesla acquires Maxwell Technologies
  • United Energy established a supercapacitor R&D and production base
  • HCCCap space-grade supercapacitor power system successfully launched the first spaceflight
  • Wuxi Murata builds a new capacitor production center
  • HCC energy technology.Co., Ltd. began to build HCCCap R&D and production base
  • HCCCap multi-satellite separation super capacitor power system successfully launched
  • Wrights Group Ltd will receive supercapacitors from Skeleton Technologies
  • Dimac Red SpA and Skeleton Technologies collaborate
  • Brush traction selects skeleton technology for super capacitors
  • Nanoramic Laboratories completes Series D financing 5 million USD Investment round
  • Eaton’s XLM supercapacitors complete the CE mark self-certification
  • Skeleton Technologies and MJR commercialize supercapacitors
  • AVX increases the maximum operating temperature of TWD high-temperature Max-Cap supercapacitors
  • Menestor Sro and Skeleton Technologies form a partnership
  • Maxwell joins hands with Zhejiang Geely Holding Group
  • FastCAP Systems is now named Nanoramic Laboratories
  • CAP-XX developed the industry’s first 3V thin prismatic supercapacitor
  • Panasonic golden cap will be replaced by Korchip super capacitor
  • High-power, high-energy applications using Eaton’s 3.0 V XT supercapacitors
  • Successfully launch two space satellites using enhanced HCCCap supercapacitor power supply
  • Launched NTU-Blue Solutions Flash Shuttle equipped with supercapacitors and LMP batteries
  • Beijing Hezhong Huineng Technology Launches HCCCap Integrated Super Capacitor Backup Power Module
  • CAP-XX’s first mass-produced thin-line supercapacitor large order
  • L3-HAPLS petawatt laser system delivered to ELI Beamline Research Center
  • LS Mtron launches new LSUC 3.0V 100F snap-in battery
  • KEMET acquires NEC TOKIN
  • Launched CAP-XX, the first compact cylindrical supercapacitor
  • Skeleton Technologies opens the largest supercapacitor facility in the United States Europe
  • UL certification of LS Mtron’s seven supercapacitor products

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