XRP Upcoming Announcements, Ripple to Moon Soon

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XRP News: In case you missed it, a rumor of two “household names” was started by none other than our JoelKatz (a.k.a. Ripple Chief Cryptographer David Schwartz) on Discord about a week ago. Since then, speculation has been rampant about which names Ripple was going to announce.  Some XRP investors want a consumer application to be one of the partners.

Still, others are dropping the names of major banks.  Others are surmising social media companies might be involved. All we know for sure is that Ripple indicated that they would make the announcement prior to year-end, in the Quarter 3 XRP markets report. Here is the quote from Miguel Vias:

“Our Cuallix announcement was a clear indication of significant progress, but it’s just the beginning. In the fourth quarter, we’ll announce additional xRapid partnerships, an innovative approach to using XRP to further Ripple Network adoption, and new ways XRP will drive broad development of the digital asset space.”

That’s right – additional xRapid partnerships.  Since there’s only a couple weeks left in 2017, it will be interesting to watch how these announcements unfold in the wake of XRP’s recent price appreciation.


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