Why PayPal is most Trusted Payment Gateway

PayPal has been leading as the most trusted payment gateway in the digitization of the finance. Digital transaction is building a nexus around the commercialization and development of the world. It is something connecting the buyer and seller irrespective of their demographic region. This could possible with a trusted payment gateway like PayPal to transact money anywhere around the world.

On one side where the financial services industry has been struggling with the trust issues, PayPal has maintained to achieve the users of around 244 million. PayPal has revenue stream of US $13.094 billion, If you’re wondering how they are earning money, they have their own deduction charges you can know better in paypal fee calculator of how much you will get and how much they deduct.

Reasons why PayPal is most trusted financial services

  1. PayPal is leading amongst other payment gateways for a reason

The company PayPal inc. use to be subsidiary of the Ebay but in 2015, it was announced as independent company. Since, then it never looked back and now PayPal has overcome the revenue of its own parent company Ebay. That’s hike this payment gateway has participated in its dominance over digital transaction platforms. It has most number of users among any other payment gateways inclusive of original concept-driven features.

  1. PayPal act like almost a Bank

Despite being a financial services or a payment getaway, PayPal has a luxury to act as a Bank for their users. The wide ranges of features it offer suggest the same. PayPal offers debit cards, credit cards, loans, online transactions and lot of more features resemble to any fully-fledge operations of a Bank. That is kind of trust it has created over these past years.

  1. PayPal has a concept-driven financial system

Another reason to trust on PayPal is the uniqueness and authenticity it has brought within their original concepts of money transaction. The company appear to be one and only payment gateway which has pushed limits to offer great services to their users. They have an easily accessible interface where money transaction seems piece of cake for any user. They have features like PayPal.me link or their loan/ credit system which is quite unique for a payment gateway.

  1. Transparency is foundation of trust which can be easily seen in the revenue model of PayPal

Well, there are lot of criticism regarding the transactional fees and additional charges PayPal earn from but that’s what makes it most trusted. Any other payment gateway might charge less or even with minimal charges but it could be risky. One can easily detect the reluctance of other payment gateway to discuss their revenue streams and sources. But that never happens with PayPal which is actually so much transparent for what they charge and how they earn. Such level of transparency even getting risk of being criticized is brave and honest reflection of company.

  1. Excellent Services and Products

Ranging from the various digital features making transaction more interesting and PayPal more credible to the protected and safe PayPal website or application, the company believe in best. PayPal stand out from others due to extensive and relative features for people and businessmen. They offer features like Credit Card, Debit Card, Easy Online Transaction, Invoice, Money transaction through PayPal customized links, cheques, credit and loan system and lot more.

  1. PayPal is a popular Brand Name.

It’s really easy to setup PayPal. Simply add the PayPal button to your site. PayPal takes care of the rest including authorization and security.

The only potential downside is that customers are taken away from your site to the PayPal site to complete their checkout process. If that’s an issue, then you should consider PayPal Payments Pro.

It is widely trusted by a growing number of different businesses from a wide range of different vertical service sectors and as all the transaction come with a full audit trail and are instantly processes it may be one you are interested in using.

PayPal Payment interface is one of the easiest payment gateway to integrate on any webpage or e-commerce websites and the fees and charges are fairly standard too, along with you can choose currency according to you.

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