When a Car Accident Lawsuit is Imminent: 4 Ways an Attorney Can Help

Car accidents can be terrifying and life-changing events. Americans spend more than 1 million days in hospital every year because of car crashes, and obviously that means there’s a lot of crashes each year too. The more time you spend on the road, the more likely it is that you’re going to be in some kind of accident eventually. Now hopefully that’ll be a minor inconvenience, the kind that needs a bit of car repairs and nothing more. Sometimes it can be worse too though, so do your best to drive safely and keep yourself out of danger.

When an accident does happen though and a lawsuit is on the way, the best thing to do is find a capable attorney. The benefit of legal solutions from Coye Law Firm and similar attorneys can’t be overlooked in these situations. Here are some of the ways a car accident attorney can help.

  1. Knowing the Procedure

The process of a lawsuit and the procedure in the courtroom itself are probably areas you haven’t had to deal with before. Even if you have been through it, it’s probably only been a handful of times, so your level of understanding and knowledge isn’t going to rival that of a car accident attorney. These guys deal with accident lawsuits every day.

This amount of experience means they understand everything about the process and can fill you in on the details. They can talk you through everything and make sure you’re adequately prepared, easing your stress along the way and keeping you calm and focused. Having an experienced attorney also means you won’t be surprised by any parts of the lawsuit and can prepare properly for every step along the way.

  1. Statement/Testimony Preparation

When you make a statement or testify in court, your words are going to be used as evidence. Using the wrong words at the wrong time can cause problems for your case, so you need to be sure everything that you say/write is worded in the right way. A good attorney will coach you through the testimony process and give you tips on how your testimony can have the best impact on the case outcome.

  1. Understanding How to Present Evidence

You’ve probably got a whole bunch of evidence to present for your side of the lawsuit. This might be pictures, video or witness statements. Throwing it all together in any order and presenting it how you want is a decent method, but it isn’t anywhere near as effective as having an organised plan. Presenting evidence in the right way, and the right order, can have a big impact on the outcome of your lawsuit.

  1. Dealing With the Damages

Damages are the main consideration when it comes to compensation. You want to get the best payout possible and avoid the kind of pitfalls an insurance company will try to trap you in – like getting you to agree to a set figure for medical compensation before your treatment has even started. A good lawyer is a massive help at this time, they can tell you what you should or shouldn’t accept and why. They’re also well placed to tell you if the settlement number is fair or not, if a settlement is offered of course.

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