Why is Bitcoin Going Down Today, Is Bitcoin Crashing? What to do now?

Crypto Crash

Bitcoin & Altcoin Down Today: Today is one of the bloodbath days in the crypto world. Almost 90% of the virtual currencies price suddenly started to decrease in the morning. So what happened to the Bitcoin? Is this going to be the end of Bitcoin craze? When the day begins, Bitcoin started falling from $16,000 to $11,000 in a few hours which confused almost all the investors.

Many risked and invested in the Bitcoin, if you are one among them, don’t get panic and just hold your coin as it will again start boosting soon after Christmas. This is called correction in the cryptocurrencies. When there was a spike from $9,000 to $19,000, this is unnatural spike by the whales, and definitely, the coin should make a correction, which is normal in the crypto world.

Bitcoin in 2018

Here are our predictions on what will be the future of Bitcoin in 2018,

1. Bitcoin crash – and every other alt coin starts to fall along with BTC.
2. BTC starts coming back very aggressively – all other alt coins will fall more because everyone will pool their money into BTC.
3. BTC stabilizes after reaching new heights.
4. Now big alts like litecoin doubles and triples, BTC is stable.
5. All other altcoins will grow rampantly 3-5 times, BTC is stable.

bitcoin future

So I believe it’s better to increase BTC stakes in the initial phases of the cycle. Once BTC gets stable, obviously that’s alts turn to grow steadily.

It is better to diversify your portfolio and invest on best altcoins. Find best altcoins to invest here.

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