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Do you have a mobile phone you want to sell? Are you planning to offline your mobile phone to get a new one or use the cash for another activity? Whatever the case is, you need to look for the best ways to sell your phone and get maximum profits from it.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the best ways to sell your mobile phone.

Sell back to the phone network or company

A lot of phone makers and networks have a service that gives you the opportunity to sell your used smartphone back to them. They do this by giving incentives for you to trade your phone and encourage you to do an upgrade. The idea is that when you give your old smartphone to them, to get a discount on the new one you are buying. One of the popular smartphone companies that do this is apple. However, there is a belief held by some people that Apple offers poor value when it comes to selling your old phone back for an upgrade.

Use the services of mobile recycling stores and phone trade-ins

We have lots of mobile recycling companies that specialize in trading old phones as a discount on new ones. As a matter of fact, they offer better value for money unlike when you sell back to phone companies.

A major complaint against selling back to phone companies is that you won’t get the price that was promised. However, a lot of these mobile recycling stores and companies have stepped up. Now, they are capable of giving better trade-ins due to the competition that exists in that particular area of the smartphone market. Some of these mobile recycling companies usually display trade-in prices from a lot of different trade-in shops.

Utilize classified websites

Another fantastic way to sell your mobile phone is through classified websites. Such classified websites include websites like Craigslist, GumTree among many others. These websites are very helpful when it comes to selling things locally. The good thing about some of these websites is that mobile phones that typically don’t sell well in the other places are often sold quickly and profitably on them.

Use eBay and other related services

Selling your used smartphone on eBay can be quite positive, but you need to be wary of some downsides. On the positive side, you would get more money when you sell your phone on eBay than if you sell to a trade-in service. The reason for this is that when you sell to phone trade-in services, they then sell it to a third party (the real buyer at the end of the day). However, when you are selling on eBay, you are selling directly to the interested buyer. Resultantly, you can remove the intermediary and get your money directly from the final user.

Nonetheless, the issue with eBay is the fact that selling on the platform requires you to pay certain fees (eBay fees and PayPal fees). Also, you need to accept the risk of the smartphone being returned by the buyer. At the end of the day, selling at a higher price doesn’t mean the profit at the end of the day will remain high.

Discussion forums

Finally, another good way to sell your mobile phone is by marketing it on discussion forums. These forums usually have mobile specialized sections with new listings every single day. However, you should understand that selling on a forum has a lot to do with your reputation. If people don’t trust you on the platform, you will struggle with finding anyone to buy your property.

But you can build trust by being transparent. You must let your prospective buyers know all that is to know about your phone. Also, you should be ready to get back the phone if the buyer decides to return it.

In a nutshell, selling your mobile phone does not have to be difficult. You only need to be certain of what you want to sell. Afterward, consider the various ways mentioned above to find the right buyers for your device. Be transparent and ready to communicate with the would-be buyers.

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