Verge Price, XVG News – Where to Buy Verge Crypto Coin & Why is Verge Coin Going Up?

Verge News

Verge NewsVerge, an interesting case study in things to come. RDD is on the move now and I believe shortly so will DOGE and DGB and perhaps a few more. So if they are kind, they will not all go off at once, but rather space themselves out by a few days so we can capture some profit from a few of them. This Verge timeline runs about 4.5 Days.

The Yellow bit in the centre is simply an enlongated yellow circle I have been showing on the charts, but it represents a spot where I felt Verge would run into resistance. Notice how it took a bit of a pause there and then continued to move higher, perhaps faking some out with the short term drop in price. So from 50 Satoshis to 1000 Satoshis is an incredible move, however, I argue it has moved back from 18th place to 19th place in MarketCap because the market has just grown tired of expecting Verge to continue moving higher and the buyer support is now gone (see falling volume).

Verge News

It could move higher if the Verge Dev Team has some fantastic news around the corner, but as a non-Verge owner or follower, I would have been long gone and into profits around 700 to 800 or whenever it reached 18th place in terms of MarketCap. Never try to pick an absolute top, but rather with all the coins available now try to find a few like this one. Great job Verge spotters and investors.

Where to Buy Verge Crypto Coin?

Verge (XVG) Coins can be bought on Binance Coin exchange and trading portal.

  • Visit official website.
  • Signup using the link above and confirm your email.
  • Transfer BTC or ETH to Binance from your Coinbase or anywhere you have BTC stored.
  • Go to Exchange => Basic in the Binance menu and search for XVG in the search box and you can now easily buy the number of Verge coins you are looking for.

Read about Tron (TRX/BTC) will be available on another Big Exchange for Trading

Why is Verge Coin Going Up?

Wraith protocol will be a game changer for the already booming XVG, with the ability to control privacy. Really interesting stuff. The privacy coin is mooning as they are cheaper than Monero and loads of announcements are in the line for 2018.

According to our predictions, it will boom again due to the news, but if you are a long-term investor definitely go for it. Always DYOR about cryptos.

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