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The United Nations Human Rights Council has agreed to launch an open international investigation into violations of Israeli and Palestinian groups during the 11-day conflict in Gaza and “systematic” violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel.

After a full day of special meetings between the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Palestinian Mission to the United Nations on Thursday, the 47-member forum passed with 24 countries in favor, 9 against, and 14 abstentions. A resolution. country.

The resolution called for the establishment of a permanent commission of inquiry — the most powerful tool available to the council — to monitor and report human rights violations in Israel, Gaza, and the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. This will be the first such COI with “continuous” authorization.

According to the text, the committee will also investigate “all the root causes of constant tension, instability and prolonged conflict”, including discrimination and repression.

It said that investigations should focus on establishing facts and gathering evidence for legal proceedings, and should aim to identify the perpetrators to ensure that they are held accountable.

Israel said it would not cooperate with the investigation.

“Today’s shameful decision is another example of the UN Human Rights Council’s blatant anti-Israel obsession,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement. “This satire is a mockery of international law and encourages terrorists all over the world.”

A spokesperson for Hamas, the Palestinian organization that governs Gaza, welcomed the investigation, calling his actions “legal resistance” and urging “immediate measures to punish” Israel.

The Palestinian Authority welcomed the resolution, saying it was equivalent to “international recognition of Israel’s systematic oppression and discrimination against the Palestinian people”.

“The reality of apartheid and impunity can no longer be ignored,” it added.

The United States expressed its deep regret over this decision.

“Today’s action may endanger the progress already made,” said a statement issued by the United States Mission to the United Nations in Geneva.

Al Jazeera’s Christine Salome reported in New York that following the recent violence, the special meeting of the Human Rights Council was convened “after unprecedented pressure for international review and action.”

“in spite of [the body] There is no power to punish people they believe to be guilty, and this does signify that Israel has received unprecedented scrutiny under conditions encountered in the past. “

UN Human Rights Chief Michel Bachelet said at the opening ceremony that Israel’s recent attack on the besieged Gaza Strip resulted in the deaths of more than 200 Palestinians. May constitute a “war crime”.

“Although it is reported that the Israeli attack targeted members of armed groups and their military infrastructure, it caused widespread civilian casualties, as well as large-scale destruction and damage to civilian objects,” Bachelet emphasized the scale of destruction in Gaza. Has been under Israeli blockade for 14 years.

“If found out of proportion, such attacks may constitute war crimes,” Bachelet said at the 47-member Geneva Forum.

She also stated that Hamas “indiscriminately” launched rockets to Israel “obviously violated international humanitarian law.”

“However, the conduct of one party does not exempt the other party from its obligations under international law.”

She warned that unless the “root cause” is addressed, violence may break out again.

According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, the 11-day offensive on the Gaza Strip began on May 10, killing at least 254 Palestinians, including 66 children, and injuring more than 1,900 people.

During the same period, at least 12 people were killed in Israel by rockets fired by Hamas and other armed groups from Gaza, including three foreign workers and two children.

After Israel’s operations in occupied East Jerusalem caused tensions to continue for several weeks, fighting broke out.

Threat Forced eviction Palestinian families near Sheikh Jarrah triggered widespread protests, which led to severe Israeli repression and attacks. The Al-Aqsa Mosque is considered the third holiest site in Islam.

In response, the Palestinian factions in Gaza, including Hamas, fired rockets at Israel. Israel subsequently launched a military attack on Gaza.

Youmna Al Sayed from Al Jazeera in Gaza said that the Palestinians have been calling on the international community to hold Israel accountable, “taking into account the targeting of civilians in densely populated areas and residential buildings” and destroying buildings. Housing Media Office In the Gaza Strip.

“[Palestinians] Hope that the international community will take action, not just condemn Israel’s crimes [committed] Regarding civilians and the Gaza Strip,” Al Sayed said.


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