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Twitch stated that transgender, bisexual, black and disabled tags (tags gamers can add to their videos) will provide a more inclusive experience for its 30 million daily users.

Twitch, the world’s largest game streaming service, said that players will be able to add transgender tags to their videos-the company says this move will help include its 30 million daily players.

Twitch allows users to broadcast their own video game broadcasts, introducing “transgender”, “bisexual”, “black” and “disabled” tags in more than 350 new tags, and users can add tags to videos.

Amazon-owned Twitch said in a blog last week: “This is one of the most popular requests we heard, and the truth is simple, we should do it sooner.”

Then broadcast the news to users on Wednesday.

Tech companies are under pressure to make their products more transgender. Instagram and LinkedIn allow users to add pronouns to their profiles. This is a heated debate about what it means to be male or female.

The advocacy organization “Health Rights Campaign” stated that this year thousands of U.S. states want to ban young transgender Americans from participating in school sports or obtaining medical help. This year, they have signed a record 18 “anti-LGBTQ” items. “The state bill becomes law.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, “After adding the trans-tag, we can easily find and connect with each other.” Casey streamed under the username CaseyExplosion, unwilling to reveal his full name.

“This is crucial, because for many gaming venues, if you are LGBT, it is a self-evident’don’t ask, don’t say’.”

Laura Dale said that her own way of playing Pokemon and Zelda is LauraKBuzz. He said that the existing “LGBTQIA” label is not specific enough to help transgender It’s easy to connect, especially because “A” means to include the “allies” of the community.

She said: “​​LGBT identities are very broad.”

Twitch said that about 70% of users are between 13 and 34 years old. According to data from the unofficial data site Twitch Tracker, they watch a total of 68 to 73 million hours of game time per day.


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