TRON (TRX) to Partnership with a Space Company, Which one it will be?

TRON SpaceX Partnership

Justing Sun, Founder of TRON and the project recently tweeted that TRON will announce their new partnership with space innovative company soon. There are many guess and rumors coming out of TRON and Space company partnership as many people guessing many company names. But we need to wait for the official confirmation hopefully it will be announced soon by next week.

When exploring Justin Sun’s Twitter following, we found he is following two accounts related to Space. They are Elon Musk and his company SpaceX. So people started making a statement that TRON will partnership with SpaceX soon. There is no official update from both the companies yet regarding the partnership.

TRON SpaceX Partnership

Earlier, Justin Sun in his tweet said TRON will partnership with a big media and entertainment company and people started guessing it will be NetFlix. But the announcement was Chinese NetFlix company and many people’s assumption got failed. So it is better not to judge or believe any random company partnership names until Justin Sun or TronLab website makes an official announcement.

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