How to Buy TRON (TRX) Coin of the Day – John McAfee Long Term HODL Prediction

How to Buy TRON – Coin of the Day: John McAfee shared his coin of the day a few minutes before from his official Twitter. It is none other than Tron (TRX) today. Since many bots scan his tweets and automatically purchase coins from the exchange, the price of the coin surges immediately after the tweet and normal users were under confusion for the past few days.

Today, McAfee tweeted coin of the day via Image tweet instead of text tweet. But still some people claim bots can read images too. Before the tweet, the price of the Tron was $0.03 and within a few minutes after the tweet, the price becomes $0.045 and still counting.


Investors can purchase Tron coin of Binance trading portal for the good price.


Here is the official tweet from John McAfee,

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