Tron (TRX/BTC) will be available on another Big Exchange for Trading

TRON Facts

Tron TRX/BTC: Tron cryptocurrency investors, we have a great news for you. TRON about to hit on the new exchange soon. That is going to be another big exchange, the name remains secret and it will be available for TRX/BTC in the exchange from this Friday.

According to the tweet from the founder of TRON Justin Sun, TRON will be available on a very large exchange on this Friday. If everything is good, the expected trading volume will be more than 1 Billion USD according to him. People keep guessing it is Coinbase who will list Tron. But according to our research, Coinbase will not list coins too early. Before adding ripple, we don’t think they will add TRX on their website.

Here is the tweet posted by Justin from his official Twitter handle,

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Many people were unhappy with this guessing game. But we believe he probably signed a Nondisclosure agreement with the exchange. He can be legally sued if he did sign one and breaks it by telling us the name prematurely.

TRON Latest News

Some are guessing it will be in Bittrex. Recently Justin visited Japan regarding this conference and there is a big chance that it can be listed on any Japan exchange portals. This will be confirmed by tomorrow. Investors are investing more on TRX/BTC after this tweet.

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