TRON (TRX) Opening New Office in San Francisco – Official News

TRON Office near Alibaba: Tronix project’s TRON (TRX) Coin mooned past week and got criticized by many people. But still coin survived as they stabled at the new all-time high of $0.15 to $0.17 per coin. Justin Sun, founder of Tronix announced that TRON will open their new office in San Francisco this month.

Justin also confirmed that coin burning will happen soon in the Q1 2018. Also, some big companies are contacting Tron team about the partnership. So we can expect a new announcement of some big companies partnership this month. Hopefully, that would be Alibaba as there were earlier rumors about this.

TRON Latest News

If you are holding TRON coin, better Hold for another month and you will see coin mooning soon to $1 in the Q1 2018.

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  1. Tron is a great crypto, but sadly there’s allot of fake news to scare people into selling. Seems like someone was paid for doing and sharing false information. Usually people do this, so they can buy cheap cryptos.

    Tron is a great investment to hold, looking forward to this great project!

  2. Lost my dick and balls on a 16 cent buyin. Fucked my life up pretty hard. Its been a hard candy christmas ever since and i dont know what im gonna do, hell im 56 years old, too soon old too late smart. I finally sold my tokens for 5 cents and am still paying off the creditors. Havent lost my house yet but not looking good. I keep watching this coin and honestly the selfish side of me wants it to fail so i dont have to live with the regret of not holding. Ive said some pretty lousy things about justin and the tron boys and been more than a little hurt but as ive watched the program grow i realized how dedicated to this coin those special boys are. Hell it aint about the money, its sbout the quality product they are focused on. They wanna make the world a better place god bless em. I guess what i be saying is there aint no better reason to rid yourself of vanity and just go with the season. Its what they aim to do thier name is their virtue. But i wont hesitate no more, no more. This is our fate, im yours.

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