Toronto entrepreneur Len Wong announces The Grow Depot grand opening

grow depot

For the home cannabis grower in the Toronto area, the process of growing cannabis for personal use just got a little easier.

The Grow Depot has announced that it will be opening a full-service location in early 2019 on Martin Grove Road in Toronto. The Grow Depot is owned and operated by entrepreneur Len Wong, a Toronto growing expert and pioneer in the field of medical cannabis.

grow depot

While most of the focus has been on large-scale cannabis production facilities to supply retailers, The Grow Depot will cater to individual growers who want to cultivate their own supply for personal use and will offer products related to lighting, growing environment, plant propagation, and water and aeration. Wong says he established the store with the grower in mind and personally selected the product lines based on his knowledge of organic gardening, as well as items which are best suited for the Canadian climate.

Offering not only a line of cannabis related products for sale, but a wide range of growing equipment, for sale or rent, The Grow Depot will also offer customized advice through its sister company, Genetix Consulting, for clients who require guidance to cultivate strains specifically formulated for the Canadian climate.

Len Wong’s career began as a medical cannabis consultant under Health Canada’s Marihuana Access Regulations (MMAR). He now serves as a consultant for Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), as well as for Cann Help Clinics, a medical marijuana clinic in Toronto that specializes in developing personalized medical marijuana treatment plans.

The rules for using marijuana in Ontario have been changed, for the most part, to reflect smoking tobacco, but these vary from province to province. While Ontario municipalities will have until Jan. 22 to opt out of allowing private retailers within their boundaries, Len Wong has made cannabis his career and he is optimistic about its future.

“For me, opening The Grow Depot is a culmination of nearly twenty years of experience in cannabis genetics and organic gardening,” Wong says. “Both myself and my team are truly excited to provide our support and knowledge for cannabis growers of every experience level in Toronto and to provide the products they need.”

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