Top 5 Social Media Channels Every Law Firm Should Have this 2021 Says Rene Perras Digital PR Expert for Lawyers

Who could have imagined that these digital platforms, which used to be a place for entertainment, are now a community for people who look for different products and services and a place to promote their businesses and become more prevalent in various industries.

op 5 Social Media Channels Every Small Business Should Have this 2021

Let’s take a look at our top picks for the most popular business channels should you consider this year.


TIKTOK is a Chinese video-sharing app that continues to emerge from growing and scaling globally. Imagine the impact of over 800 million people engaging in TikTok every day. If your business is targeting a younger generation, this might be the platform for you. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok has the most number of users from Gen Z.


In the past, TV advertisements were among the most popular marketing strategies for lawyers. These days Video-streaming platforms are growing exponentially and have proven successful to influencers and businesses.


Learning the art of managing your legal business accounts on Twitter can boost your engagement, reputation, and sales. The popularity of this site has remained high on communicating trending topics or breaking news. A well-timed written and witty tweets work best if you want to be on top and get in the loop.


Suppose you want to reach an audience evenly amongst all users and create an online community. You may want to consider leveraging Facebook. 


Who wouldn’t love beautiful photos? Even the least interested people in social media have fallen in love in these features as it connects more to human interest. If you’re into a lifestyle, fashion, photography, or just wanted to reach a specific market for your business, you should start establishing your connections to people on Instagram. Hands down to this platform, as it gains more users and has shown outstanding business owners results. But, law firm attracting a younger audience should explore Instagram growth.  Read: Lawyer Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow Your Law Firm

The use of all these social media platforms is inevitably growing and has become necessary for most people. Everyone has the freedom to use these platforms. 

By: Rene Perras Digital Marketing Expert for Law Firm 

Rene Perras is a CEO of CEPAC Lawyer Marketing Company and a leading Digital PR Expert

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