Now Entertainment Owner Tony Fountain Speaks Out About Sister?s Charge


Tony Fountain, owner of Now Entertainment speaks out on his sister?s run-in with the law and keeps mum on his record label. Tony Fountain, the owner of Now Entertainment, a Gordon, Ga. based Hip Hop record label established in 2011 has broken his silence about his sister?s court charges. She was charged for innocently hitting her boyfriend (Christopher Young) while drink-driving which led to his demise.

He said the mishap has caused his sister a lot of grief. He still can?t bring himself to believe the reality of such an incidence. Right now, she is on bail but she will be in court on the 16th of October this year. He says ?It was a very tragic event. She was innocent. I have talked to her, and her voice, her emotions, everything about her tells me she still regrets that catastrophic collision.? He wants her to be strong for her child.

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He revealed, ?They both have a child together. I really want her to be strong to take good care of my nephew. That would be the best way to say ?I?m sorry?.? Clearly, Tony Fountain doesn?t want his sister sentenced. The Now Entertainment Hip Hop label owner said his prayers are with his sister, ?I?m praying for her. I hope she comes home exempted from any sentence. I don?t want her sentenced. She has learned her lessons. I pray she doesn?t have to be imprisoned.?

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However, the Now Entertainment boss said his record label is doing something great. The label, established in 2011 is on the verge of releasing new hits in few weeks. He said ?We?re really working on some great songs alongside some talented individuals. We should be releasing some singles in few weeks or so. I don?t want to give names for now.? He said he is somewhat grieved by his sister?s circumstance.


According to him, ?I still can?t bring myself to that accident. I just want to say we are working on some very good songs and the artists have been fantastic.? The record label whose twitter handle is has said the soon-to-be-released songs should be well-anticipated. When pressed for more info, the label owner, Tony Fountain said we should be anticipating the release of ?All I? by artist Kryke Kooly.

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