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Since 2000, Ryan Van Wagenen has flown over 1,000,000 miles and has learned a trick or two about traveling during that time.  When it comes to travel, there are many different ways to do it and the most expensive doesn’t always provide the best trip.  So when you think about that, why not plan better and go on the best possible trip and save money while doing it.  With the right planning and loyalty, you may actually be able to go on these same trips and in the end still increase your net worth.

Ryan Van Wagenen Technology

We would all like to increase our net worth.  But how can we do it?  Who is responsible for helping us add those 0’s to the end of that number and finding ways to increase our savings?  You’re correct, in a free society that responsibility falls on us individually or as a family to make it happen.  Some may be blessed to have wealthy family/friends that help, but if we’re not on our “A” game, we can easily blow through gifts and our own personal savings regardless of how much we have. There have been many famous celebrities and professional athletes that have run through millions and had to start over with nothing.  Sad!  In September 2017, CNBC estimated that 57% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings. For this reason and many more, it’s important that we ponder the advice of visionaries to learn how to grow our net worth in every way that we can.

LOYALTY.  Ryan Van Wagenen Technology explains that one of the most important principles in our life is loyalty.  When we think about loyalty, there are important people that immediately come into our minds.  These people are usually those with whom we would rarely behave in a disloyal way.  Parents, family members, best friends are the kind of people that we would trust with our life.  Now think about who may feel that same way about us.  It’s interesting that the number of people we would trust and who would trust us is usually around the same.  Most of the time loyalty is reciprocal. If you’re loyal to someone, they’re likely to be loyal back to you.  Giving and receiving loyalty is critical to life.  We become better people as we treat others as we would like to be treated.  There are obvious benefits that come from loyalty in relationships, but it also applies to our finances as well.

Ryan Van Wagenen Global Private EquityWe can also benefit greatly economically through loyalty.  One area loyalty can benefit us is with travel.  You may be skeptical how we can benefit from vacation, so let’s analyze that idea.  We all take vacations occasionally and/or some of us may travel for work.  One way we can grow our personal wealth is through the many benefits of being loyal to specific travel companies. With airlines, fly with the same airline partners as often as possible.  As you do this, you will receive points and perks.  Hotels and car rentals are the same.  Every certain number of stays and car rentals will amount to more points and higher status, which leads to free stuff.  Sometimes the cost just doesn’t make sense to use the preferred company, so in those cases just go with the cheapest option.  When the cost is the same or close though, definitely use your go-to companies.  You’ll find that your points will pay for flights, hotels, and cars that you would have been paying for out of that savings account.

Also, if you have family members or close friends that work with airlines, hotels, or car rental companies, those companies may be the best ones for you to partner with.  Kenneth says that we need not be ashamed to ask them what’s the best way to get the best rates.  They may also have friends and family discounts they can share with you.  Many employees don’t even use these benefits and they can save you a lot of money and keep more money for your savings.

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One last trick is to get a credit card that allows you to earn points or miles with the travel partners that you use.  I know many people that like to use debit cards, but by using the right credit card you can accumulate worthwhile loyalty points AND build your credit at the same time. The best part is that as long as you pay your credit card bills in full and on time, the cost is the same as using the debit card.  The only difference is that the benefits can be huge!

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Although it may take some time and research on the front end, using these tips will lead to savings and a greater net worth in the long run. It’s nice to think that we could still take those trips that we all love so much and at the end we will accumulate a higher net worth than what we would have had without the loyalty programs. Ryan Van Wagenen Global Private Equity – May we all reach our goals and live our best possible life in 2018 and beyond.

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