Ripple Analysis, Future Forecasts – Is it worth HODLing XRP?

Ripple Analysis

Ripple News: Today is similar to the bloodbath as bitcoin almost neared $15,000 in a few hours and again back to the normal. During the fall time, almost all the altcoins too falling in their price. Luckily, Ripple remains constant which surprised every investor.

Ripple (XRP) has the real use case and it is one of the best coin which involved in many projects in the upcoming year. Without any doubt, Ripple will be mooning in 2018 based on their tieups with financial sectors. What we learned today from BTC, “the first lesson of trading in the crypto-universe: HODL!!!”

  • XRP adopted by 100+ financial institutions to date, inc. Amex.
  • SBI (leading 61 banks) expected to confirm their official partnership soon.
  • Partnerships with two major household names (unnamed yet) hinted to be announced soon.
  • $100 million exclusively XRP hedge fund in final works (from Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, who declares “XRP will be the highest performing asset of 2018″.
  • XRP speculated to be on the cusp of being added to Coinbase.

Ripple Analysis

What’s there not to like?

-“Ripple (XRP) has proven itself stable in the short term, with a huge potential upside.”

Traders gonna trade. But the eventual winner will come for those that HODL XRP!

My opinion for today is to pick up as much XRP today as possible. Tomorrow is Ripples 5 year anniversary and there’s a lot of speculation regarding a huge announcement in regards to XRP. If you’re not familiar with XRP feel free to check them out at Of course it’s speculation, however, I am confident that we should expect something huge tomorrow.

Always remember to invest at your own risk. There are a lot of people on here who are New and are chasing money vs doing their research first. This is not to be taken as investment advice and you should always contact a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

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