Ranbaxy, Beximco pharma, Cipla lead market study for Global Inhalation Nasal Spray Generic Drugs

Ranbaxy, Beximco pharma, Cipla lead market study

South Asian countries progress in pharma industry and Beximco, Cipla and Ranbaxy make headways in the market

South Asian pharmaceutical companies have carved a significant market share in the global pharma industry with growth in operations, revenue and expanse.

A new study led by Apex Market research has recently found some interesting insights about the development and growth of the Inhalation & Nasal Spray Generic Drugs segment in the industry. The study showcased the dominant firms in the Inhalation and Nasal spray market, with Beximco Pharma, Ranbaxy and Cipla amongst the notable dominant players. The three organizations form a major trifecta of manufacturers catering to the medical needs of billions – not only in the Indian subcontinent, but over the world as well.

The insights seem to be fortuitous considering that the 3 organizations’ sphere of influence lies in the one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Thus making the availability of world-class medicines easier for comprehensive healthcare.

Ranbaxy, Beximco pharma, Cipla lead market study

The report entitled “Inhalation Nasal Spray Generic Drugs Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013 to 2023”, offers a global overview of the market. Surprisingly, the study also presented the changing stance of the market wherein pharmaceutical companies from the Indian subcontinent have made headways in the fiercely competitive market – with expansion into relatively impervious global markets.

The report conjointly categorized the market into main product kind Corticosteroids, Bronchodilators, Combinations, and Decongestant Sprays etc. and presented a breakdown of the revenue for the market. Additionally the report also predicted a forecast for a similar within the calculable timeframe.

Cipla, Ranbaxy (Sun pharma) and Beximco pharmaceuticals are a few of South Asian pharmaceutical companies that have made a significant impact on their sphere of operations as well as on the Big Pharma globally.

The report outlined the current market standings in particular pharma segments, the progress showcased by the 3 companies has been more than impressive. While the progress of Ranbaxy and Cipla has been gradual, Beximco has seen a meteoric rise in operations, quality and expansion.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals, which is a part of the Beximco group, founded by Salman F Rahman, manufactures pharmaceutical formulations and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) catering to the healthcare requirements of Bangladesh.

The addition of Beximco also gives an impetus to the healthcare industry in India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries, to introduce ingenious pharma capabilities – instead of relying on foreign pharma imports.

Furthermore, the developments and progress by these companies in the market will be dependent on how they align with international standards in different pharmaceutical segments. That said, the progress showcased by Beximco for Bangladesh and Cipla for India, would help the countries ramp their healthcare and further build their pharmaceutical operations.

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