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Biden’s late admission of the 1921 Tulsa genocide is meaningless in the face of his silence on the Gaza massacre last month.

Two weeks after the Israeli bombing of Gaza ended, Joe Biden became the first recognition The Tulsa genocide in Oklahoma, USA. A century ago, a group of white mobs killed as many as 300 black Americans and destroyed the thriving black community in Greenwood. His pessimistic reflection on Tulsa — which he described as “telling in silence, hiding in the dark” atrocities — reflected his own silence on the Gaza massacre and his government’s prevention of international efforts to prevent air strikes. More than 250 Palestinians were killed, including 66 children.

The dual struggle of the United States against racist oppression and foreign colonialism has historically been combined with the oppression of blacks by the United States and the African continent. But, as the former president of South Africa and global liberation icon Nelson Mandela acknowledged, they are closely related to the struggle against oppression elsewhere. Nearly a quarter of a century ago, on the 20th International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, six years after the official end of apartheid in his country, Mandela made a famous speech in which he declared that the freedom of blacks in South Africa is “Incomplete”. There is no freedom for the Palestinians”.

Mandela pointed out that if “we realize our freedom, we are not human.” [fell] Fall into the “trap” of washing hands for the difficulties faced by others, and “talk in a low tone about issues such as the right of the Palestinian people to establish their own country.”

However, this is exactly what the Biden administration is doing. The Black Fate Movement rejected this position. The movement issued a declaration of “solidarity with the Palestinians” and promised to “end all forms of settler colonialism.” Being so close on the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death by the police has provided impetus to a global movement to solve the legacy of colonialism, and it’s important to remember that, as Mandela did, it’s not just It’s about dealing with the sins of the past and dealing with the sins committed today.

Behind it is the recognition that the racist oppressive system is not included in national borders. It spans the globe and reproduces the same racial differences that people see within the country at the international level. It is this system that created a global lower class of darker, “underdeveloped” and barbaric countries conquered by the “developed” and predominantly white countries of Europe and North America. This is reflected in the desire to maintain the U.S. status as a global hegemony and the demonization of countries such as China and Iran that are seen as challenges. It is providing privileges for Israel’s “right to self-defense” even if it implements a policy of apartheid and ethnic cleansing against Palestinians. Like the Tulsa massacre, no perpetrators were prosecuted there. Instead, the blame was attributed to the blacks who tried to defend their communities. The Palestinians found themselves accused of Israeli bombing because they suggested they take up arms to take this Blame it on themselves-in this case, the Rockets-against their oppressors. Their resistance was used to justify their oppression.

Biden’s belated recognition of the Tulsa massacre as an act of white supremacist terrorism and his recognition of the systematic racist reality of the United States is already flawed, while he concealed compensation and demolition for the victims The structure that makes them possible. However, when juxtaposed with continued support for racist oppression and dominance abroad, it is “less than human.” Resolving racial injustice at home should not involve black Americans as partners in a global caste system that maintains violent exploitation and oppression. This will repeat the experience of the Africans, whose elites are transformed into agents of the same system under the cloak of “independence” based on the premise of maintaining the global order and colonial plundering system. When Patrice Lumumba of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso refused to give in, they were deposed and killed under the connivance of the West.

The many coups and massacres instigated by the United States and its Western allies in “developing” countries around the world-from Latin America to the Middle East-deserve recognition similar to white supremacist terrorist acts. The racist nature of the international system is reflected in the inequalities committed by the UN Security Council and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It should be called publicly, just like the structural obstacles set by non-white countries on the road. Legacy of racist colonial conquest.

This kind of global dialogue will avoid murder and oppression of Palestinians like black Americans, and will admit that trying to recognize a person while ignoring and abetting the latter is futile, like Mandela did. As he said, “Extending our hands to the Palestinian people miles away, we fully understand that we are part of one human being.”

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