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Khan said that normalizing relations with India means ignoring the struggle of Kashmiris.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan ruled out the possibility of normalizing relations with India, saying that this move would be a betrayal of Kashmiris.

In a live Q&A session with the public on Sunday, Khan asserted that rebuilding relations with its eastern neighbors would “ignore all their struggles. [Kashmiris] And more than 100,000 Kashmiris were martyred”.

He said: “From the first day I took office, I tried to establish relations with India. The Kashmir issue was resolved through dialogue. “Kashmiri people.”

“There is no doubt that our trade will improve, but all their blood will be wasted, so this cannot happen. This cannot happen. Our trade will improve. [the cost of] Their blood,” he said.

He said that only when New Delhi changes and abolishes the long-standing semi-autonomous status of Indian-controlled Kashmir can the deadlocked negotiations resume.

The Indian government led by Narendra Modi revoked Article 370 and other related clauses from its constitution on August 5, 2019. In addition, it is divided into two federally administered territories.

At the same time, it sealed off the area, detained thousands of people, imposed movement restrictions, and implemented communication interruptions.

In turn, Islamabad suspended trade relations with New Delhi and downgraded diplomatic relations.

On Friday, the President of the United Nations General Assembly Nuclear-weapon states say Any steps that would change the status of the disputed Himalayas should be “avoided”.

India and Pakistan have fought three wars since independence from British rule in 1947, and relations between these two neighboring countries are often strained. Both India and Pakistan have full sovereignty over Kashmir, but they manage different parts of Kashmir.

Unfreeze relationship

Earlier this year, it was reported that senior intelligence officials from the two nuclear-armed neighboring countries met in the United Arab Emirates in January this year to try to prevent the tension between the two sides from rising.

Last month, the Special Envoy of the UAE in WashingtonYousef al-Otaiba confirmed that the Gulf country is mediating between India and Pakistan to help these two nuclear opponents achieve a “healthy and functional” relationship.

In February, the Indian and Pakistani forces suddenly and rarely reaffirmed the ceasefire agreement reached along the Line of Control (LoC) in 2003, which is the de facto boundary separating Kashmir.

A few days later, Pakistan’s powerful army chief of staff, Qamar Javed Bajwa (Qamar Javed Bajwa) called on the two main rivals to “bury the past” and move towards cooperation.

Last month, Khan and Modi exchanged letters calling for the establishment of “peace” and “friendly relations” between the two neighboring countries.


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