Price of Mooncoin from January 5 to January 12


Moon Coins are types of Star Coins that only appear in World Star of New Super Mario Bros. 2. They have moons that resemble a 3-Up Moon imprinted on them, rather than stars. As such, they cannot be used as Star Coins, meaning that they cannot be used to remove Star Coin Signs; collecting Moon Coins is only required to obtain a star icon on the player’s profile.


MoonWord is a simple programming language, designed exclusively for coding and record-keeping on top of Mooncoin blockchain. Technical specifications make Mooncoin ideal for directly recording informational transactions onto blockchain
(fast block time, lightweight blockchain, low transaction fees and high circulation supply).

MoonWord language may be developed to write and execute codes on the blockchain. Up to 7 symbols in one operation. It’s simple and free, you may send coins to your own Mooncoin address and fully control (without 3rd parties) the process of recording information onto blockchain.

Mooncoin can be called as Pièce Lune in French which means Mooncoin,  Moneta Luna in Italy which means Literal translation.

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