Price of ICON Coin & How to Buy ICON Coin?

icon coin

ICON already boasts communities comprised of reputable institutions – banks, securities, insurance, hospitals, universities, and more. ICON’s decentralized applications (DAPPs), including Blockchain ID and Payment & Exchange, can benefit current and future communities. Thr current market price of ICON Coin is $10.22 on January 14 is raised by 5.69%.

For instance, Blockchain ID can be issued by financial securities community and be used for ID verification in all other communities. Likewise, ICX issued by hospitals can be used for payment & exchange in all other communities.

icon coin

Connecting all these different communities is the decentralized ICON Republic blockchain. This blockchain uses ICX Coins. On top of this blockchain, third parties can create DAPPs that can interact with Communities and one another, or just be standalone operations.

So we can now outline where ICX tokens are used: on the ICON Republic blockchain, when communities interact with one another, when communities interact with the ICON Republic, when communities interact with DAPPs, and when DAPPs interact with each other. The most important thing to note is that the ICX coin is not needed within Communities.

The ICON system is fantastic in that it allows Communities to be almost completely independent. Unlike the Globalist tones of the whitepaper, the system is the opposite of Globalism. Each Community has near autonomy, in that it can have its own currency and sets its own rules, even its own consensus algorithm. Likewise, ICON allows the flexibility to create Communities in various different countries with various different laws and regulations for crypto companies.

How to Buy ICON Coin?

ICON Coin can be purchased in the following website such as Binance,  Huobi, OKEx,  HitBTC.

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