Preparing Yourself for Your First Canadian Winter

First Canadian Winter

Are you a student that will experience their first Canadian winter? Perhaps you’ve recently moved to Canada, or maybe you’re visiting friends and family here. Either way, Canadian winters can be harsh for the uninitiated and it’s important to prepare yourself so that you know what to expect and how to live through it comfortably. In this post, we’ll be discussing a couple of ways to help you make it through without stressing too much.

1. Vitamin D

During the winter, Canadians don’t really get a lot of sunshine. It’s not permanently dark but you’re certainly not going to enjoy a lot of sunshine. Most students and workers will wake up when it’s dark and get back home when it’s dark. With most of their time spent indoors, they won’t get much exposure to sunlight and this means less vitamin D. Make sure you get yourself some supplements for vitamin D when the sun starts to set earlier because it’s important for maintaining our health.

2. Buy Extra Clothing Now

Now is a good time to buy some extra clothing and stack up on spare blankets. Get your clothing, linen and blankets from reputable places that are currently running sales instead of going for the cheapest option out there. The extra clothing will help you stay warm in the winter and you’ll pay less buying it now rather than waiting. Extra blankets are also great for staying warm during the winter and wrapping up in extra layers.

First Canadian Winter

3. Find Something to Do Indoors

Waking up to being snowed-in isn’t exactly normal, but it’s not uncommon either. It can be rather scary realizing that your car is stuck in the snow and you might find it strange that you can barely open your front door. In times like this, it’s important to wait out storms and stay occupied. Turn on the TV and watch some films, consider making a lucky bet and play US Powerball, or get online and chat with your friends about how awesome it is to stay home instead of going to work.

4. Wear the Right Shoes

Canadian roads are going to be very slippery. Don’t be surprised when you’re slipping around uncontrollably. Prepare yourself for that inevitability by getting yourself a pair of winter boots to both stay warm and grounded so you don’t injure yourself. Canadians typically don’t wear their shoes or boots indoors at home either, so get used to taking them off and putting them on wherever you go in and out. You’ll also want to consider using salt to melt the ice or snow around your home if it’s particularly slippery.

5. Enjoy the Snow

Having a predictable snowy season makes it easy to enjoy things like winter sports. Plan around the Canadian winter and embrace it instead of trying to avoid it. Get involved with local activities, consider skating, skiing or even dog-sledding. There are plenty of fantastic ways to enjoy yourself during the Canadian winter, so don’t be afraid of the snow and learn to love it like your neighbours do!

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