PAYDAYIOM Offers Payday Loan Services Approved Within Minutes for Clients in Need of Financial Assistance


[Bournemouth, England], [July 19, 2018] – PAYDAYIOM offers payday loan services approved within minutes. A local loan company in Bournemouth, Southeast England, PAYDAYIOM services are aimed at helping clients in need of financial assistance. As an online loan service, clients can take advantage of quick payday loans up to ₤5000 and more.

There is hardly any person who did not have financial struggles at least once in their lives. From house rental to medical fees, many people’s finances can come short from time to time. PAYDAYIOM’s aim is to provide a service these people can rely on. Moreover, they aim to provide financial assistance that they can apply within a short span of time and at an affordable interest.

PAYDAYIOM’s loan services offer these benefits and more. Their online loan services are the cheapest payday loans in the area. The rates begin at 48.9% with a maximum APR of 1304.0%. The minimum loan term is one month with a maximum loan term of up to thirty-six months. These give clients an easy, fast, and reliable solution to the financial challenges they may be facing at the time.

The advantages of PAYDAYIOM include safe and secure online form, no hidden costs, and UK-based service. Customers also benefit from the company’s quick loan decision with all credit histories considered. Furthermore, the loan business takes pride in its dedicated customer service. Compared to other loans, PAYDAYIOM offers an easy-to-pay credit.


This is due to their loans being a kind of borrowing that clients need to pay back until their next payday. Clients can also change the conditions such as that the loan must be paid back within a year. The latter is a great option for businesses in need of financial assistance. On the other hand, the former type of loan is great for homeowners in need of quick cash.

In terms of interest, every ₤100 borrowed will have 8% interest charged. PAYDAYIOM makes it so that with early repayment, the client will be able to save more money. Getting a payday loan from the company is an easy task. The client starts by filling in a secure online form then select the amount of money they want to borrow.

The rest of the procedure will be taken cared of by PAYDAYIOM itself.  Their staffs handle all necessary procedures to make a quick decision. Once approved, the client will receive the funds as soon as the next business day. With that, clients will have nothing to worry about when faced with financial challenges whenever wherever in the UK.


PAYDAYIOM is a UK-based loan company that specializes in connecting borrowers with respectable lenders for financial assistance. The company provides lending services to clients in need of money due to urgent circumstances. An FCA-licensed lending service, they provide an easy and quick lending service for health fees, auto services, house maintenance, and other financial needs.


For more information, visit For inquiries, please call +441202201365 or send email to [email protected].

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Address: Bournemouth, England, UK

Contact Number: +441202201365

Email: [email protected]


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