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Nexus Coin

Nexus is an innovative crypto currency – the coin runs off its own algorithm and has a well though through infrastructure that takes it beyond bitcoin and other 1 st generation cryptocurrencies – it has a checks and balances system for sending coins – where transactions can be retrieved if sent to a wrong address. The proof of stake rate is 2% up to a coin cap of 78 million.

Great time for accumulating. We are still in accumulating phase between 0.90 – 2.00 USD. Look at the chart. The highest point is strong above 3USD and with rising volume. The project is good future-oriented. I recommend you to buy good amount of NXS because this is really one sleeping giant.

Nexus Coin

NXS coin is ranked in the 58th position in the Crypto Currency Market Capitalization. Current Price of the Nexus coin is $9.88 at January 5th is raised by 95.34%.

When I first heard Colin speak about Nexus, it all sounded like English, but there were lots of words and acronyms I could not find in my dictionary. I guess I can forgive him after learning his father is truly a rocket scientist. Imagine the conversation around the dinner table in that household.

Where to Buy Coin Nexus Coin?

Nexus Coin can be purchased in the following site: Bittrex, Cryptopia, StocksExchange.

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