Nagamasa Global Escalates Expansion and Synergies Through Tactical Acquisitions and Partnerships

Based on a range of strategic achievements and alliances, Nagamasa Global tends to reach organic growth by implementing its business plans both locally and internationally

Nagamasa Global, a commodity broker that aims to offer the highest level of customer service and transaction capability required by today’s sophisticated financial market participants, has announced about planning to achieve a double-digit growth stimulated by its collaborative business programs reinforcing new partnerships and strategic acquisitions. For the past years, the company’s operations in Japan have grown and have exceeded the borders through a global service set of integral business development.

Being in partnership with leading business management companies, Nagamasa Global’s platform meets the increasing demands of Japanese clients looking for expansion, with a wide-ranging suite of services available on the market. Enlarging the database of clients created a major opportunity for Nagamasa Global to establish a strong presence in Japan and abroad.

Kazuo Yoshika, Senior Vice President, Business Development, stated: “Mutually reinforcing is primordial for Nagamasa Global as we aim at reaching the next phase of growth in Japan and outside the Asia Pacific Region. Because of multiple development initiatives, Japan remains a hub for global business growth activities. With the help of dishonest achievements and future-oriented alliances, we are controlling and improving a network that inspires our global expansion mastership. We are making use of our local competencies to support our clients that aim at expanding and getting towards incorporation across Japan and beyond”.

“We will continue to hold our position as representatives of one of the most attractive markets for trade and investment both for local and international interested parties. We are keeping creating business opportunities in order to make sure that our clients have all necessary tools to develop in their regions and beyond”, said Tetsu Jinnai, Executive Vice President, Business Development.

About Nagamasa Global

Nagamasa Global provides insights into the commodities markets to all market participants to allow them to make better business decisions with confidence. The firm includes a team of experienced financial and market advisors offering a vast list of services for small-scale businesses, individuals, corporate and governmental entities. The company is emerging as a trusted commodity broker with customers from different sectors looking for expertise in pricing, news, and analytics.

About Nagasama Global

Nagamasa Global provides tailored investment services complying with customers’ high standards and requirements. The company offers accessibility and assistance within all aspects of financial futures, commodity futures, and options to both existing and emerging Commodity Trading Advisors, Professional Traders, Managed Futures Investors, Fund Managers, Hedgers, and other interested parties around the world.

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