Mexico’s highly anticipated midterm elections voting begins | Election News

Mexico’s electoral agency stated that there are more than 20,000 positions to compete for, and nearly 95 million people are eligible to vote.

Mexico has begun a public opinion survey. Thousands of positions at the local, state and national levels are competing for it. This is known as the largest vote in the country’s history.

Sunday’s midterm elections will determine the composition of the 500-seat House of Representatives, the House of Commons, 15 governors and thousands of mayors and local councillors.

The National Electoral Institute of Mexico (INE) stated that more than 20,000 positions are competing, and nearly 95 million people are eligible to vote.

The sign of the Sunday election is Widespread violenceEtellekt, a security consulting company, reported that at least 89 politicians, including 35 candidates, were killed during more than 200 days of election campaigns.

“The hallmark of this election is violence mainly against opponents of the state government or municipality,” the company’s director Ruben Salazar told Al Jazeera before the election.

“What we are witnessing here is political violence, and being part of the opposition means [you will be] Face greater risks in this country. “

His party said that a municipal candidate in the eastern state of Veracruz was shot and killed during the night from Friday to Saturday.

“We strongly condemn the cowardly murder of René Tovar, the candidate for the mayor of Cazones de Herrera in Veracruz,” Clemente Castañeda, national coordinator of the left-wing civil movement, tweeted, urging the government to “guarantee the lives and safety of Mexicans during the epidemic.” . election”.

Although Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador (known as AMLO) will not vote, his left-wing Morena Party and its allies Hope for support.

Achieving good results in the House of Representatives is particularly important for AMLO, as he strives to fulfill several major policy commitments during the remaining three years of his term.

During the six-year period of the 2018 election, the Presidential Party won two-thirds of the seats in the conference room.

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