List of most favorable career choices in 2018

Promising career 2018

Are you looking for a well-paid job with a promising career ladder? Look through our list of best professions in 2018 to make the right choice.

Most Promising Career Choices in 2018

As soon as you are on the finishing line of your education, what are your next steps? To graduate successfully, you can spend a year on research or buy a dissertation online; no matter what your choice is, in any way, you will have to make serious choices next. At this life stage, you need to decide which profession to choose. This decision is not that simple, as you have to be forward- looking, know the trends of top demanded professions, and like the sphere of work as well. To simplify your choice, we have made a list of most wanted professions in 2018; they are most likely to set the trend for the coming years as well. Select one of them and you will never remain penniless – such specialists are always in demand!

Promising career 2018

Economics and Math

Yes, really! This might come as a surprise to you, living in the world of traders, marketers, doctors, and lawyers. However, it is really true – the world needs mathematicians and actuaries more than ever! Contemporary trends dictate the growing demand for this profession, as economics, trading, and market analysis should be science-based and need thorough analysis. Hence, if you are prone to calculating everything and have a degree in Math or Statistics, your future is optimistic. Now annual salaries to mathematicians exceed $100,000 per year, which is a very decent income.


Medical professions enjoy unchanging popularity, which is growing year by year because of the increasing life duration of modern population and its correspondingly expanding healthcare needs. In 2018, the most demanding healthcare specialists include nurse anesthetists, respiratory therapists, and optometrists. Any of these professions may be your sure path to career excellence.

While the first two medical professions are popular for a long time, that of optometrist is a new trend. People are spending a dozen times more hours in front of their TV screens, smartphones, and computers now, so the increasing rate of eyesight problems is not surprising. Together with the growing need of people for optometry services, the profession of optometrist also becomes demanded as never before. Working in this area, you are also guaranteed an annual income exceeding $100,000, but here’s the catch – you should have a Medical degree for that. Starting early means catching the trend, so if you are only considering the area of education to follow, we recommend optometry as a guaranteed career success.


Surely, the world can’t do without commerce! To promote products and establish new brands, companies need Marketing Managers, so this profession still enjoys immense popularity and can become your ticket to posh life. Marketers may earn over $130,000 in the USA on average, and salaries of talented Marketing Managers in other countries of the world are also much higher than average pay of other professions. Hence, it is definitely a path to consider – who knows, if you have a talent for selling products and designing attractive, viral advertising campaigns, maybe you’ll earn a million on that!

Here’s our top list of most demanded professions in this year, but this surely does not mean that other professions are not worth considering. Follow your soul and be critical about your own talents – if you have no passion to medicine or marketing, you’re unlikely to become a good specialist. Good luck with good search and career promotion!

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