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The new coalition calls on the Knesset spokesperson not to delay and hold a vote on Wednesday to overthrow the current Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The Knesset spokesperson said on Monday that the Israeli legislature will vote within a week to approve the new government to overthrow Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but no specific date has been set.

The far-right politician Naftali Bennett, who will succeed Israel’s longest-serving leader, called on Netanyahu to “let go” on Sunday and abandon any effort to encourage defections from Israel. New alliance This may spoil its inauguration.

Bennett urges the Israeli Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yariv Levin, who supports Netanyahu not to delay and hold a vote of confidence on Wednesday, so that the left, right, centrist and Palestinians The parties can be sworn in.

In an official statement to Parliament, Levine pointed out that opposition leader Yair Lapid had notified him and the Israeli president that the alliance had reached an agreement and stated that within the time frame prescribed by the law, It will be voted for approval before June 14th.

“Announcement on the fixed date of the meeting [Israel’s] The 36th government will be communicated to members of parliament,” Levin said, which gives Netanyahu a week to try to reverse the situation.

Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reported from West Jerusalem that he said it seems more and more likely to vote “to support a change of government, as far as the current situation is concerned.”

“This is probably why the Knesset spokesperson did not give the exact date and time of this vote,” he added.

“This gives him more flexibility, allowing Netanyahu more time to try to strip away potential defectors or sabotage the vote in some way.”

‘This government will be established’

The former TV presenter Rapide promised that “this government will be formed.”

“In Israeli politics has never happened 100%, but this government is most likely to do it,” Rapide told reporters.

Members of the “Change” coalition had hoped to vote on Wednesday.

If the Rapid-Bennett government fails to win a majority of seats in the parliament, after an inconclusive vote limited to the union agreement on March 23, Israel may hold its fifth meeting in less than two years. election.

Yamina party leader Naftali Bennett (left) and Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid during a special session of the Knesset [File: Ronen Zvulun/Pool/AP]

71-year-old Netanyahu faces corruption charges that could lead to jail rhetoric Designed to disrupt the nascent alliance.

In an enthusiastic speech to supporters of the right-wing Likud on Sunday, he condemned the “violent machines” allied with him and urged them to protest the “dangerous left-wing government” that was forming.

The anti-Netanyahu group consists of three right-wing, two centrist and two left-wing parties, and one Israel palestine civic party.

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