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Nairobi stated that it had acted in good faith out of the common interests of the two East African countries.

Kenya announced on Thursday that it would reopen its airspace for flights in and out of Somalia, a move welcomed by Mogadishu.

The Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it “due to the mediation and decided to reopen Kenya’s airspace to all flights departing from Somalia and from Kenya to Somalia.”

Nairobi Stop all flights Traveling to and from Somalia in May came just a few days after the tension in relations that had been significantly eased since the end of last year.

The ministry stated that this well-intentioned measure was taken for the common interests of the two East African countries, adding that it hopes that this will lead to complete normalization of relations, “including through improper diplomacy, trade and civil relations. Tighten up.” .

The ministry clarified that all coronavirus agreements will apply to passengers coming to Kenya from Somalia.

The Somali government praised Nairobi’s decision as a step that can ease the relationship between the two countries, which was at a low level in December last year.

“The Somali government welcomes Kenya’s reopening of its airspace with Somalia on Thursday. This move may pave the way for normalization [of] Bilateral relations between two neighboring countries,” government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu said on Twitter.

Somalia broke off diplomatic relations with Kenya in December last year, accusing Nairobi of interfering in Mogadishu’s internal affairs.

The security, education, and trade relations between the two neighboring countries were interrupted for about five months, until Mogadishu announced in May that it was preparing to resume relations with Nairobi, citing the interests of the two countries.

However, just a few days later, Kenya decided to stop air traffic with Somalia without giving any reason.

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