Keco Capital Offers Easy Lending Plans To Revive Your Real Estate Business

Honolulu, 25.11.2020: No one can understand the dilemmas of a real estate investor unless they have gone through similar experiences. Perhaps, that is why, a private lending service designed by investors for the investors is all set to rule the roost. Keco Capital, a name synonymous to trustworthy and convenient financial service, offers a comprehensive range of lending plans for start-ups and those trying to rise from the ashes again in the real estate sector.

No matter what business phase you are in, Keco Capital has a lending plan best-suited for your needs.  

Lending service designed for withstanding uncertainties 

Uncertainties are the most crucial realities of any real estate business. A realtor requires a lot of financial support to keep up with the challenges of construction projects and those dedicated to renting. As mentioned by their spokesperson, some of the noteworthy features of Keco Capital lending products are explained as under:

  • A lending service working state-wide: This private lending service is designed to reach all the real estate agencies functional across the State. With the branch offices spread throughout the State, it ensures that the realtors are never away from the financial help they need.

  • No prepayment charges: It is offering loans on very easy terms. The company encourages the people to be free from liability as soon as they are capable. Thus, the company has no prepayment penalty clause. While taking a loan from the private lender like Keco Capital,  the borrower has to worry only about paying the interest amount. Unnecessary charges will not be there to boggle them.

  • No construction holdback interest payment: A project holdback is a financial liability anyway. Worsening this situation with the additional interest levying can be very taxing for a realtor. This situation finds a better solution with Keco Capital lending plans. 

Anyone can receive financial help at Keco Capital, including those who have declared bankruptcy or have a bad credit history.

Types of lending products

The company, with the help of its able advisories, has brought forth a bouquet of lending products for the borrowers. These lending products are the direct outcome of the experts’ understanding of various kinds of financial glitches, usually faced by any realtor. Types of lending products available with this private lending company are:

  • Rehab Loan (No interest in holdback)

It is an 85/85 LTV/LTC Program. It covers almost 100% of the rehab cost, up to 70% of the ARV. Other common features are no prepayment penalty and loan extensions. The loan available for one year offers pleasant convenience and is a loan purely for business purposes.

  • Ground-Up construction Program

You can get financial assistance amounting to 85% of the total cost of the project. Up to 100% of the construction cost can be financed under this plan, provided it does not exceed 70% of ARV. 

  • Rental Program

Those wanting to develop ready-to-rent properties can get financial help under this loan plan. It is a 75% LTC/LTV lending program that offers 24 months of the loan term. It does attract a 6-month prepayment penalty, but it is made up by providing loan extension of 12 months.

Reach to Keco Capital representatives right away through these channels to find more about the private lending products:

Ph No: (425) 526-3007

Email: [email protected]

Address: 900 N. Nimitz Hwy #305

Honolulu, HI 96817

Release ID: 16271

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