Jozef Ciuraj – Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Exorcist

Jozef Ciuraj

The Quebec Team recently interviewed the most popular Spiritual Healer Jozef Ciuraj to help the world to understand more about Jozef as well as his different healing techniques. Jozef Ciuraj heals people and animals and here is his short interview with us.

Jozef Ciuraj, Spiritual Healer Interview

Hi, My name is Jozef Ciuraj, I’m Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Exorcist.

I heal people and animals mainly at a distance, even in cases of the worst diseases. I also help our planet which is being devastated by fools, greedy and mindless people.

Jozef Ciuraj

I have worked on our planet already in 1995 and the effects when my work ended were highly satisfying. Back then I have received an order to calm the hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanoes down, and to work on the Bermuda triangle. An interesting job was to work on Planet X, which back then I didn’t knew existed.

Planet X was in very poor condition, near being thrown out of its orbit which would end catastrophically for our solar system. I have received a chart and instructions on how to work on it.

Read more about Jozef Ciuraj and Spiritual Healing and stay tuned for more interesting news and updates.

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