Jason Treu, An Executive Coach reveals the Biggest Predicator for Success

Jason Treu is an executive coach that works with individuals and teams on developing their leadership and performance. He was debuted at TEDxWilmington with his free game Cards Against Mundanity, an ultimate team building game to improve team’s productivity, collaboration, and satisfaction in 45 minutes or less. He has helped many Entrepreneurs to come out on the other side with business and life-changing results and ROI. Some of them have become even better leaders and managers. They have also built high performing world-class team that love working with them.

Working with Jason Treu not only helps in getting life-changing results, also it will improve your communication, charisma and emotional skills. Jason has revealed where true abundance lies; how real relationships are created; why it’s so important to drop your ego at the door & become vulnerable so authentic collaboration can exist. He has written a book called Social Wealth which helps many new business owners and entrepreneurs to learn many business secrets.

Jason Treu Cards Against Mundanity Game

The concept of the game Cards Against Mundanity is to make coworkers to like each other. It’s a question-and-answer game played in a group, like Cards Against Humanity, that works for any size organization and/or team. You can also play it across multiple teams in the same organization and get the same benefits. Set up takes only five minutes.

Some of the benefits of this game are,

  1. Foster closeness and break down emotional and social barriers in less than one hour that improves team performance, communication, collaboration, and retention.
  2. Create “psychological safety,” which is the #1 factor in building the highest performing teams. For example at Google, among sales teams, those with high psychological safety exceeded their targets by, on average, 17%. In contrast, those with low psychological safety missed their targets by, on average, 19%.
  3. Build trust, respect and where people are comfortable being themselves, which improves problem-solving, innovation and creativity.

He debuted the game in his TEDxWilmington talk, “How to Get CoWorkers to Like Each Other.” He shared research, data and suggestions on how to maximize employee engagement to increase performance, productivity and long-term organizational success. In the video, learn why teams thrive and falter, and how you can quickly implement strategies that will make an immediate positive impact on your team.

Jason Treu Social Wealth Book

Jason Treu’s Social Wealth book has sold more than 40,000+ copies on Amazon with 125+ five star reviews. Social Wealth stands #1 in four business and self-help categories in Amazon.

The book teaches the following,

  • Create the powerful, life-changing “Social Wealth Mindset™”;
  • Leverage scientifically proven, field-tested human behavior insights
  • Master essential social, communication, influencer, leadership, charisma and emotional skills
  • Embrace vulnerability, authenticity, generosity, and imperfection to courageously engage with others and create meaningful connections
  • Create true belonging and build relationships that matter
  • Develop a “real world” social media plan to put it all together for your personal and professional life.

For business owners and Entrepreneurs, Jason Treu is a gift as he helps them to solve their problems and focus on their growth. Don’t waste your time, hard work and money any longer. Learn the path to creating the life you want on your terms.

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