Japan hosts the Olympic Games “abnormal” during the new crown pneumonia epidemic | Coronavirus pandemic news


Japan’s most senior medical consultant called the organizers less than two months before the postponed opening of the Olympic Games.

Japan’s most senior medical adviser said that hosting the Olympics in Japan’s current state of coronavirus infection is “abnormal,” and this is one of the strongest warnings so far about the risks of the troubled Olympics.

Doctors said that the Olympics were originally scheduled to start on July 23 after last year’s postponement, which would put pressure on the healthcare system, which has already set record numbers in critical situations.​​​

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Japan has reported more than 750,000 coronavirus cases, and as of June 2, 13,170 of them have died.

Only 2.7% of the population in Japan has been vaccinated, and current stage The plan for the elderly will not be completed before the start of the Olympic Games.

However, the rate of new infections has slowed.

Medical adviser Shigeru Omi said in a speech to the parliamentary committee on Wednesday that organizers should explain to the public why they want to move on during the pandemic.

“It is not normal to hold the Olympic Games under such circumstances,” Omi said.

“If we are to host the Olympics under such circumstances… then I think the Olympic organizers have the responsibility to reduce the scale of the event and strengthen the coronavirus control measures as much as possible,” Omi added.

Opinion polls show that most people in Japan are opposed to hosting the Olympics, worrying about the influx of tens of thousands of athletes, officials and media into the country. State of emergency Tokyo and other regions have been extended to June 20.

NHK quoted organizers on Wednesday as saying that of the 80,000 volunteers who signed up for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, about 10,000 had already withdrawn.

The soft-spoken Omi’s unusually harsh comments contrasted sharply with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and the organizers, who assured the world that they could host a “safe and reliable” Olympic Games.

A senior official of the International Olympic Committee responsible for organizing the Olympics announced in May that even if Tokyo is in a state of COVID-19 emergency, the Olympics will be held, which angered the Japanese public.


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