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Western leaders announce new plans to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine including sanctions and more military aid for Kyiv.

The war in Ukraine has now entered its second month.

The leaders of NATO, the European Union and the G7 have met in Brussels to condemn Russia’s actions and announce more sanctions.

The 30 NATO allies said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the biggest threat to Euro-Atlantic security in decades. Their aim was to show solidarity to Kyiv, but only up to a point.

Many have been willing to supply weapons.

But will it be enough to deter President Vladimir Putin?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Hanna Shelest – Director of Security Programmes with Ukrainian Prism and editor-in-chief of Ukraine Analytica.

Vladimir Sotnikov – Director of Russia-East-West Center for Strategic Studies and Analysis and a specialist on Russia’s foreign affairs.

Nigel Gould-Davies – Senior Fellow for Russia and Eurasia with the International Institute for Strategic Studies and a former UK ambassador to Belarus.


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