IOTA Predictions 2018 – Is this a Good Time to Buy IOTA?

How to Buy IOTA

IOTA Latest News & Price Predictions: IOTA Cryptocurrency which skyrockets a few days ago to $6 now dropped to $3. Many investors claimed they are throwing fake and unofficial information about IOTA to raise the price. Dominik Schiener made a comment about all the discussions that were going on regarding IOTA and Microsoft partnership.

According to Dominik, many companies already showing their interest to work with IOTA. It was even more than what they thought initially. The companies are creating their official press release and all the companies that are about to partnership will release them in the next two to four weeks.

Learn How to Buy IOTA in US, UK, and Other Countries

Here is a whole comment by Dominik explaining what is going on behind all these unofficial news,

IOTA Latest News

IOTA – Is this a Good Time to Buy?

As of 8th December morning, the price of 1 IOTA is $3.75, earlier this week, it crossed $6. For the long-term investors, this crypto is going to be a Goldmine as IOTA is completely a new technology works on Tangle whereas Bitcoin, Ethereum all works on Blockchain technology.

The main advantage of IOTA is, it is going to be a fee less transaction. If Tangle technology becomes a hit like Blockchain, there is no doubt that IOTA is the Bitcoin of Tangle. If you are a long-term investor, you no need to panic on seeing the price dip on IOTA.

What’s Next IOTA?

There are some conferences about to take place this month. Depending on the investors and partnerships, IOTA price will change accordingly. According to QNT, IOTA have a huge potential and future scope, but it takes time to see the result.

If all goes good, IOTA will hit $10 by this month end. Obviously, this is the right time to buy this dip if you are confident enough with IOTA Tangle technology and their whitepaper.


IOTA Forecast – Predicted Price for 2018

By the end of 2018. IOTA will cross $20 according to our research team. It may vary and go high or low depending on the upcoming news and the growth of the Tangle technology. If more companies involved in using this technology, obviously we will see a huge spike in the price by the end of 2018.

IOTA – Microsoft Partnership?

As of now, no official update from the Microsoft regarding IOTA and Tangle technology partnership. But IOTA confirmed from their end that Microsoft is going to work with them.

P.S: All these information all solely is written for an educational purpose and we request the investors to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrencies.

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