Will IOTA Collaborate with Tesla Electric Car Giant?

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IOTA – Tesla: For some time now we have heard about the IOTA community, which in 2018 may announce a collaboration with Tesla electric car giant. Let’s take a step back, in 2017 Elon refuses a collaboration with Uber, following their CEO resigns. TESLA engineers have now developed software that allows cars to drive themselves, this system now tested is tens of times safer than the classic human driver subject to fatigue, alcohol, distractions, nervousness etc. So it makes the vehicle independent, in some sense.

IOTA is a crypto-currency that revolutionizes the classic blockchain with its technology called Tangle. The Miners are totally removed and with them the electricity costs due to the confirmation of the transactions. If this collaboration happens, that will bring huge changes in the automobile industry. Since Elon Musk is a man of experimenting new things and risks, there may be a chance for this partnership.

IOTA Tesla

This is because each user, in order to send a transaction, confirms two more in turn, so as to obtain definitive decentralization and solve Bitcoin problems. So using IOTA to transfer money is totally FREE and scalable indefinitely.

Disclaimer: There is no official news about this partnership yet. If it happens, that will be a huge milestone for IOTA.

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