What is IOTA Coin & Where to Buy IOTA Coin?


Based on the success of IOTA Data Market Place, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, the corporate venture capital firm, made their first cryptocurrency investment by buying a significant amount of IOTA tokens. IOTA Foundation was invited by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to participate in the Blockchain Business Camp Tokyo accelerator program. Other participating companies include Sony, Honda, and Toyota.

The city of Haarlem, Netherlands, built a proof of concept system to enable residents to assure the authenticity of official documents without residents having to access government offices. The open source, IOTA based system is available for free to any municipality and is set to go into production in 2018.


The IOTA Foundation was incorporated in Germany as a non-profit corporation that coordinates and funds development in the IOTA ecosystem. The Foundation is dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems around IOTA to accelerate its development and commercial adoption as an open source technology.

For an IOTA user to send out a transaction, the user must validate two other, randomly selected transactions. A sent transaction must accumulate a sufficient level of verification (i.e. must be validated a sufficient number of times by other users) in order to be accepted as “confirmed” by its recipient.

IOTA works with a single administrator called the Coordinator which confirms all transactions in a set of released milestones. Without the Coordinator, the IOTA DAG is not considered sufficiently secured in its early stages. The Coordinator is meant to be removed when the network is sufficiently large.

The Current Price of IOTA Coin at January 6 is $4.14 is raised by 3.36% than the previous day.

Where to Buy IOTA Coin?

IOTA Coin can be purchased on the various following website such as

Binance, Bitfinex, Coinone,  OKEx, CoinFalcon.

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