Investment Banking: The World of Corporations & Large Capital

You often hear about investment banking. At first glance, it might seem almost a bit redundant. When someone wants to invest, they often go to their entity. At other times, it is the bank that helps someone to invest in a business through a loan.

However, the term “investment banking” does not refer to the traditional banking business, but focuses on something much more specific.

The work of investment banking consists of carrying out advisory functions or designing complex operations as well as financing them. They work not only for companies, but also for governments (to obtain financing in large investment projects, for placements or debt restructurings, etc.).

When you talk about investment banking, you are usually talking about big capital and huge operations.

Role of an Investment Banker:

  • An investment banker like Mark Attanasio Hillcrest advises the Provincial and Municipal Governments and the Companies in obtaining financing, mainly in the Capital Market, as well as at the Banking and Private levels.
  • The Firm’s partners have extensive work experience and relationships with the Public Sector that allow them to understand more clearly their needs for financing or stimulating regional economies to achieve their goals of economic development or infrastructure.
  • An investment banker like donato sferra fulfills the role of Organizer of debt issuances, coordinating and selecting the participants of the transaction, managing the public offering before the controlling agencies and designing the appropriate financial structure that best suits the client’s needs.
  • The structuring of negotiable securities includes, among others, the Financial Trusts, Treasury Bills, Public Bonds, Negotiable Obligations and Short Term Securities. In addition, Ordinary Private Trusts and Direct Investment Funds are structured.
  • An investment banker like Mark Attanasio Toronto pays special attention to SMEs, accompanying it in the search for financing with the specific products available in the Capital Market: Guaranteed Checks and Negotiable Obligations SMEs; as well as the issuance of debt through Private Financial Trusts.
  • An investment banker like donato sferra toronto offers a wide range of financial advice on topics related to Company Valuations, Restructuring of Liabilities, Purchase and Sale of Companies, and Investment Projects and Real Estate, both in the Public and Private sectors.
  • Also, the Firm accompanies Companies that define opening their capital to the public offering (IPO).

How an Investment Banker Does it?

  • Deep understanding of the companies and projects involved in the transactions, which allows determining and enhancing the factors that increase their value and correct in a timely manner those that may decrease it.
  • Strict analysis process supported in the development of detailed financial models.
  • Thorough identification of risks and mitigating Donato Sferra Hillcrest helps you.
  • Valuation through different methodologies and identification of the determining factors in the generation of value.
  • Definition and analysis of development strategies with the objective of identifying those that maximize value.
  • Due financial diligence and coordination of due legal, tax and technical due diligence with the experts involved.
  • Procurement of potential counterparts for each transaction.
  • Definition and execution of the negotiation strategy that optimizes the profitability of the transaction and maximizes its probability of success.
  • Permanent support to our clients during the delicate process of negotiation and closing of transactions.

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