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Australian swimming freak Cody Simpson (Cody Simpson) revealed that he promised to add another artwork to the body covered by his famous tattoo.

Australian swimming superstar Cody Simpson has promised that if he can book tickets for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, he will add a new ink to his famous frame.

This genius who enters and exits the pool has 17 artworks on his skin-now he says that if he is eligible to participate in the Olympic Games starting on July 23, he will own 18 artworks.

During the 2021 Australian Swimming Trials in Adelaide, which started on Saturday, the 24-year-old realistically accepted that he had a mountain to climb to qualify.

Only one year after returning to the sport after an 11-year hiatus, Simpson set his sights on the 2024 Paris Olympics.

He will celebrate his dream of participating in the Olympic Games with a new tattoo.

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He says Sunday Telegraph: “Of course I will get one… Maybe I should stop until I’m selected to join a team?

“But really, if you think you can become an Olympic team in less than a year, then you are a little bit self-deceiving.”

Coming from the field of pop stars who had dated Miley Cyrus, Simpson admitted that he had to start swimming again after rekindling his love for the sport at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

An internationally renowned pop star Abandoned his guitar and first-line partner in Los Angeles to pursue his ambitions Participate in the biggest sporting event on earth in one day.

Simpson was a talented swimmer when he was a teenager. He won a state championship on his resume. He changed lanes and became a sensation in the music industry. He joined Ziggy Marley, Florida and Justin Bieber. Waiting for cooperation.

He has been talking publicly about his tattoo collection before, talking about how many of them are symbols of important periods in his life. He also spent the night with his former partner Cyrus, getting tattoos together.

His ink collection includes anchors on his hands, pictures of Elvis on his arms, and fragments of skulls and bones on his chest.

The words “Mysterious Man in the Sea” were scribbled on his forearm.

The good news is that he still has many blank canvases to add to his collection.

Since his return, he has left a deep impression on some celebrities in the Australian swimming industry, including Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett.

Hackett recently stated that he has had enough behind-the-scenes experience with Australian star Cody Simpson to predict his participation in the 2024 Olympics. in Paris.

Hackett said: “I talked to him at the beginning of this process, just to see if he really promised that this person is 100% serious.”

“It surprised me. I have known Cody for a long time.

“It is amazing to think of him having such a solid career in a completely different field, but he has never lost his desire to participate in the Olympics.”

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