Instagram Marketing: Take your Business to the whole new level

instagram likes from Famoid

Instagram is a social network that can provide an amazing marketing platform to help you reach millions of potential customers from all over the world. For you to achieve better results from Instagram marketing you need to improve your marketing consistency and strategies. This article discusses several tips to help you increase Instagram likes on your brand.

Make Use of the Instagram Tools

Instagram now offers business profiles that can facilitate contact call-to-action, which enables users to text, call or email the business. The business profile also offers access to analytics (Insights), which provides the users with access to engagement and impression data. For that reason, it is important to first change your personal profile to a business profile so that you may enjoy the advantages that come along.

Cross Promote Your Instagram Posts

You can grab new Instagram likes from Famoid if you cross promote your posts over other social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook while at the same time inviting them to like your Instagram profile. If they follow you on other social media profiles, then it is much possible that they love your brand so they will definitely follow you on Instagram too. This method will help you attract users who are not active on Instagram.

instagram likes from Famoid

Do Not Overwhelm Your Followers

For better Instagram marketing results you should post often enough so that your band stays relevant. However, you should not post so frequently in a way that you end up overwhelming your followers making them to un-follow you. Since there is no magically working formula you may need to try posting frequently and check out your followers’ response. Posting twice
in every 24 hours is recommended for best marketing results.

Response to Followers

If a follower takes time to leave a view on your post, take time to reply and/or thank them. This simple form of engagement may end up creating a loyal client and a raving brand promoter. Also, tag several friends that would love to see the post. This will build a steady stream of active followers.

Build an Interactive Hash-Tag

Creating and using an interactive hash-tag the correct way can help you generate more Instagram Likes. This way your clients will use the same hash-tag to tag images of them with your products. As a result, they will expose their followers to your brand, therefore, offering free advertising.

Repurpose Information from Other Related Accounts

This method will help in a case where you find it hard to create content that perfectly meets your customers’ expectations. All you need to do is to ensure that you give credit to the original source and tag their profile too. The brands you tag will also repurpose your content and tag you as well.

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