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After the recent genocidal attack by apartheid Israel, some serious questions have been raised again, namely whether resistance is useful and whether the outcome of the war can be regarded as a victory for the Palestinian people. In 2009, 2012, and 2014, Israel launched large-scale attacks on Gaza. Even during the non-violent return march in 2018, Palestinians marched toward the fence around the Gaza Strip and were shot and killed by Israelis. same question. Sniper.

Some “liberals” resorted to the usual declarations, blaming the “both parties to the conflict”-the colonizers and the colonized, and concluded that the Palestinians must stop launching rockets from Gaza.

We are once again challenged by those “neutral” voices that define resistance. Due to ideological reasons, they did not see that, broadly speaking, resistance is not only the ability to counter the more powerful military oppressors, but also the ability to creatively resist the colonization of their own land. They cannot understand the power of the people, in our case it is “sumud” (unwavering), and cannot even see its existence.

In other words, they accept Israel’s narrative that “both parties to the conflict” have equal military power and moral status. They refuse to admit that this is a settler colonialism and apartheid project supported by the West, and the Palestinian people are resisting this reality. They also ignore all our moral “weapons”: we are the natives of this land, we have international laws to support our claims, we have moral high ground, and more and more international civil society support, and so on.

Edward Said once said that intellectuals should be “people who cannot be easily attracted by the government or companies, and their reason for existence is to represent all those people and problems that are often forgotten or concealed.”

Those “free” voices that condemned Palestine’s “violence” in the recent confrontation with apartheid Israel are anti-intellectual. They refuse to see that the Palestinians can be the agents of change for them now and in the future. They cannot recognize Palestine’s power of agency ideologically because they refuse to respect the will of the people, just as people resist all forms of resistance in Gaza, the West Bank, and the areas occupied by Israel during its creation in 1948. The support expressed.

They also cannot see that Palestine has defeated apartheid Israel in recent events. They are on the side of the fascist ruling class in Israel, and they believe that they “won” because they killed a large number of “terrorists”: 253 Palestinians, including 66 children, 39 women and 17 elderly people.

However, Israel’s so-called “objectives” of the war on Gaza — ending rocket launches from Gaza, destroying tunnels used by resistance fighters, and obscuring any form of unity between Jerusalem and Gaza — have not been achieved. The rocket is still being launched. Facts have proved that the resistance movement is strong enough to respond to the call for action of the Jerusalemites of Sheikh Jalah, who are facing impending ethnic cleansing in Israel.

As a frustrated Israeli pilot who bombed Gaza said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 12: “When I was on an air raid mission, I felt that destroying the tower was a way to vent my frustration with what happened to us. Gaza’s The group successfully kicked us… We failed to stop the rocket launch and hurt the leadership of these groups, so we destroyed the tower.”

But more importantly, Gaza 2021 breaks the meticulously constructed and enthusiastically defended myth that Israel has been preaching for decades: it has the “most moral” army in the world; its iron dome is invincible; and the Palestinians are just “Arabs” “They do not have a common identity. Once the older generations die, they will give up their demands on this piece of land.

Obviously, those “neutral voices” accusing “both parties” are under the “curse” of these myths, which is why they regard Palestinian resistance as “unreasonable violence” and “terrorism”. But as the Brazilian philosopher Paulo Freire wrote in his book Pedagogy of the Oppressed:

“With the establishment of the oppressive relationship, violence has begun. Never in history has the oppressed have initiated violence. If they themselves are the result of violence, how can they be the initiator? …If there is no previous situation of violence To establish their conquest, there will be no oppressed. Violence is initiated by those who oppress, exploit, and deny others as human beings—not by those who are oppressed, exploited, and denied.”

Except for the Western liberals and the Israeli elite they support, everyone clearly sees that the Palestinians have emerged from the historic protests across Palestine and won the onslaught in Gaza.

These events put an end to the infamous “Agreement of the Century” by reaffirming that the Palestinians will not give up their demands on Jerusalem, nailing another nail to the coffin of the fictitious two-state solution, and bringing about liberation and Palestinian rights. . Israel’s third-class Palestinian citizens and 5 million refugees have returned to the top of the international community’s agenda. They also proposed a new Palestinian consciousness that ignored the rigid hegemony of the 1993 Oslo Agreement.

The obvious feature of the new consciousness formed by the Palestinian Sumoud and resistance is the rejection of the conditions imposed by apartheid Israel on the Palestinian people, the residents of Gaza and the West Bank, the Palestinians in the territories occupied by Israel in 1948, and the three components of the Palestinian people. Refugees living in refugee camps and diaspora. More importantly, this is a refusal to provide breadcrumbs as a reward for the good behavior of a small number of Palestinians.

We were told to accept Israel’s ugliest occupation—the apartheid wall, colonies, checkpoints, segregation roads, colored license plates, forced evictions and house demolition, “security coordination”, arrests, torture, and imprisonment—or impose medieval times on us The blockade is regularly bombed to death and oblivion.

But this spring, the answer from Gaza, Jerusalem, Ryda, Haifa, and other parts of historic Palestine is very clear: The Palestinian people will not be reduced to people living in the territories occupied in 1967. We are witnessing a shift from the paradigm of separatism represented by the two-state solution-aimed at creating a Palestinian Bantustan and depriving millions of people of the rights to their land-towards the complete unification of Palestine.

True, Palestine’s victory was costly, but it was a decisive victory. The Palestinian people broke through their own “spiritual dome” and defeated the apartheid regime armed to the teeth and the iron dome made by the United States. Palestine in Gaza after 2021 will not be like Palestine before. The Palestinians have begun to liberate their minds from the “peace process” and racist two-state solution, and they use their Sulmud to subdue the arrogant Palestinian Zionist regime.

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