Humaniq (HMQ) Coin News, John McAfee Coin of the Day – Is it right time to Buy?


Humaniq Coin News: John McAfee in his official twitter tweet today’s Coin of the day pointing Humaniq coin (HMQ). If you are looking to buy that coin or looking for a suggestion and review, you are at the right place. Still confused should you trust John McAfee and invest in Humaniq coin? If you are thinking to buy HMQ coin just because of John McAfee’s tweet, then you are the wrong phase and Crypto trading is not for you.

Cryptocurrency market is a volatile one and recent days it all works on Pump and Dump mode. If you have noticed, when more people started buying a coin, price of the coin will be increased for the 2 days and you will feel happy just for that two days. Once buying grace ends, the price of the coin will start falling down in the 2X speed.

Humaniq COin News

How to select a coin to invest?

  • Check whitepaper of the coin
  • Check their upcoming projects
  • Check their official partners
  • Check their social media accounts
  • Check their roadmap

The point here is, never trust anyone in the crypto market and blindly invest for the shake. It is your money and you have to take care of that. You need to read whitepaper of the coin and projects of that coin. Look at the roadmap of the coin, look at the team behind the project. If all make sense, go and invest and hope for the best.

Following self-claimed legendary folks on Social media alone will not help you to become a millionaire. Crypto is a million dollar game, most of the coin owners pay to the self-claimed investors in the Twitter to promote their coin. So always do your research before investing in any coin.

If you are asking me what is the best to invest, throw some of your money on IOTA and hope for the best as they have a capability to change the world. You can buy IOTA on Binance official website.

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