How to optimize your Instagram account for search engines

Anyone who makes his Instagram account fit for the SEO, has good chances to increase his reach so much. We show how to do it.

Instagram is still on the rise. Not only does the platform have a consistent user growth, it’s also gathering more and more advertisers on it. But who wants to win Instagram, must look beyond the platform of the platform and also take the search engines in the sights.

Put the account in the search engines

What may be a blessing for the average Joe user is often a hurdle for marketers: While profiles are ranked in the search, Instagram blocks the images of users for the indexing of search engines. Check some following tips.

# 1 Profile public

Instagram profiles are preset as public. This means anyone who accesses the account can see the content and stories. In order to achieve the greatest possible range, the setting should remain so.

However, many business profiles currently tend to privately hijack their accounts, making content available only to real Instagram followers. Some people expect fewer bot followers, while others expect a larger increase in subscribers. For the search engines, however, this tactic is not conducive.

The privacy options can be found in your settings.

# 2 Social Profiles for Google with

With markup, you can create social media profiles for Google. For brands that appear in the Knowledge Graph, integrating the profiles is a good idea, as they are displayed under Profiles in this case.

# 3 Most important keyword in the username

The point is obvious, but not always: Your username should include your most important keyword. If you earn your money with drone photography.

Although simple keywords help here, you should still do no keyword stuffing and continue to pay attention to the aesthetics and the recognition value. The account name should not be too generic, but it should not be too specific.

You can easily change the name in your bio under “edit profile”.

# 4 Important Keywords in the Bio

The organic is your business card and it should look like that. In addition to the challenge to reduce your most important cornerstones for the profile to a few lines and 150 characters, the right keywords are also crucial here for search engines. In your bio is also the maxim to make it look aesthetically. Of course you can work with hashtags and links, but visitors should not be killed.

Your bio is displayed in HTML format and can be indexed by search engines. In addition, the Bio is the only place in your profile where text is displayed, which makes it great for search engine optimization.

It offers a mix of normal text and the use of some selected hashtags. You should be as clear as possible in a small space, what you do and who you are. Although the link to the website is nofollow, you should still put it, referrals should not be underestimated.

# 5 The caption as Meta Description

The Caption of your Instagram pictures and videos is also the Meta Description on Google. Here you should act purposefully and compose meaningful captions.

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