How to Buy Ethereum in India for the Best Price [2 Websites]

How to Buy Ethereum in India

Buy Ethereum in India: If Bitcoin is the King of all the cryptocurrency, then without any doubt, Ethereum is the Queen of cryptocurrency. It is a major trading coin in the most crypto exchanges. How to Buy Ethereum for cheap and best price is still a puzzle for many people in India. Here you will learn how you can buy Ehtereum in India for the best price in the market.

In India, Cryptocurrencies are not much regulated and the number of exchanges and trading websites are just in a few hundred. Ethereum can be bought on two major crypto trading portals in India. They are and People can buy and sell Ethereum on both the websites. Koinex also offers other altcoins and Bitcoin trading in India.

How to Buy Ethereum in India

How to Buy Ethereum in India

  • Visit or website. It is better to have an account on both the websites.
  • Verify your account by submitting KYC.
  • Ethx takes few hours to complete verification and Koinex takes around 3 days to complete verification.
  • Once the verification process is done, deposit funds into your account via Netbanking. Funds will be shown in a few hours in your trading account.
  • Now you can purchase Ethereum with that fund and transfer it to any exchanges if you want to trade it for other altcoins.

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