How Much High can IOTA go & Where to Buy IOTA Coins Online?


How much High can IOTA Go: IOTA was launched in November, due to their new tangle technology, Microsoft decided to partner with them. After the announcement, IOTA is peaking its new milestone every hour. The current value of IOTA is $4.45 (as of 6th December) and here is our quick analysis and prediction on how much high can IOTA go for.

IOTA officially announced that they have a meeting with Microsoft this second week of the December. The meeting will be exactly on 14th December. As per many investors, this meeting is one of the most important meetings in the tech and crypto world as Microsoft is expected to take another big step towards tangle technology with the help of IOTA.

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How much High can IOTA Go?

No one can share the exact scenario of price value of any coin, but we tried and analyzed on this coin and here is our small prediction, IOTA forecast for upcoming investors.

  • IOTA will hit $7 by 15th December
  • IOTA will hit $10 by 25th December
  • IOTA will rally in the top 3 cryptos from January 2018
  • IOTA will hit $100 by the end of 2018

Above IOTA forecast are just based on our research. We request investors to invest on his own and do a lot of research before making any crypto coins investment.

Is it the right time to buy IOTA?

If you are a long-term investor, blindly go for it, Tangle is one of the most wanted technology. If IOTA makes it success, obviously IOTA coins price will skyrocket without any doubt. For long run traders, IOTA is definitely a great bet as it gives good ROI.

For short-term investors, IOTA is good with some risks.

How to buy IOTA in Binance?

If you are looking to buy IOTA in Binance, check this article – Buy IOTA in USA, UK. To make a good profit, hold your IOTA now and invest at least on 100 coins.

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