How Coworking Is Changing the Australian Startup Space

In the past, the startup in Australia was similar to others in that finding office space took a huge leap of faith and a lot of research. However, in the last couple of years, the ingenuity of young entrepreneurs and established serviced providers created the opportunity for new businesses in Australia to work in an environment that is cost-effective but also promotes the type of social interaction that builds a business. Coworking is now more than a trend, but it is a firmly established way to not only work but to build your business.

Coworking, actually, developed from the work of two programmers who wanted a space they could afford but could also give the freedom to pursue ideas without worries associated with competition in technology. In this incarnation, coworking has evolved to encompass so much more than a place to work free from competition but it has also provided professionals with a sense of community. This sense of community has impacted the Australian startup landscape in a number of ways.

Keep reading to learn how coworking has changed the Australian startup scene and why you should consider a coworking solution for your business needs.

Diverse Workspace Options

Because coworking spaces usually define their own mission, professionals can find coworking spaces come in a variety of spaces. Each space defines the purpose of the space, so in Australia, you might find a number of coworking spaces that function in different ways. Industry-specific and niche-specific spaces comprise the landscape, and startups have been at the forefront of inspiring new ideas within the coworking landscape.

Industry-specific spaces might cater to a particular industry like technology or graphic design whereas niche-specific spaces might cater to businesses run by women. In fact, a number of niche-specific spaces focus on the startup business in Australia. The point is the startup industry has helped create diversity in the types of coworking spaces found in Australia’s urban centres.

Access To Resources

One of the great advantages to coworking for the startup is they provide businesses with access to the types of resources that can help businesses grow, and much of this has to do with the fact that startups comprise a good proportion of businesses who adopt the coworking model. In addition to providing access in the form of mentorship opportunities, the startup has been the reason why incubator and accelerator programs are a part of the coworking space. In essence, the startup has been the inspiration for including this type of office solution.

A Space To Collaborate

Because the overall mission of the coworking space is to promote collaboration, startups in this space have not only benefitted but have also spurred creating this type of environment. As stated previously, the coworking space was created by two entrepreneurs trying to find a workspace that provided them access to collaboration opportunities. Today, startups have further used the space to collaborate but to do so in more creative ways.

Community-Minded Workspace

More than anything, startups have contributed to making this workspace more community-minded. Whether hashing out ideas at the hot desk or gathering in some of the more communal areas, the laid-back office style has encouraged a different type of industry that relies on community to help one another. Furthermore, the relaxed atmosphere has fuelled a comradery that reduces competition and provides a space for free thinking, creativity and industry.

Coworking Space For The Australian Startup

Starting out as a cheap way to fund workspace, coworking has helped businesses across Australia afford space in premium locations while providing a community of support. By being able to rely on the expertise of professionals from diverse industries and having access to resources, startups have been impacted by simply having an avenue to open a business in any of Australia’s business centres.

Alexandra Richards is Australian based business consultant located in Melbourne. She takes a keen interest in business structures and work culture. Recently she has taken a particular interest in the benefit of having Servcorp Coworking to attract clients in Australia.

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