Four months later, Indonesia releases seized Iranian tanker shipping news


The Iranian ship was detained on suspicion of illegally transferring oil in Indonesian waters.

Tehran, Iran Iran stated that after the court procession ended, Indonesia had released the tanker it seized at the end of January.

The Iranian National Tanker Company said in a statement that MT Horse and its crew were released on Friday after 125 days due to the efforts of senior Iranian officials and the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The state-owned company said: “Despite many hardships and stay away from their families, MT Horse’s professional and dedicated staff insist on defending national interests and maintaining the export flow of oil and its derivatives.”

It added that the ship has now resumed its mission in the area and will return to Iranian waters after completing its mission.

Indonesia stated that its coast guard seized the Iranian flag and the Panamanian flag MT Freya on suspicion of illegally diverting oil in its waters.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs downplayed the seizure incident at the time, saying it was a “technical problem” and such incidents were not uncommon in shipping.

Foreign Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif traveled to Indonesia in April and met with senior officials including President Joko Widodo. But after the meeting, he and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not mention the ship, saying they talked about strengthening bilateral relations and opposing the unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran.

One of the main targets of severe US sanctions is Iran’s oil exports, and Iran uses various methods to conceal its transfers, including disabling the tracking system on its tankers.

MT Horse was used last year to ship 2.1 million barrels of condensate to Venezuela, which is sanctioned by the United States.


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