Florida joins U.S. states banning transgender girls from participating in sports LGBTQ news


The action of the governor of Florida is to officially celebrate LGBTQ rights at the beginning of “Pride Month” in the United States.

Florida on Tuesday became the largest state in the United States that banned trans women and girls from participating in school sports. This is part of a Republican-led state legislative movement that was criticized by equal rights activists as provocative and discriminatory.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, close to former President Donald Trump, celebrated the first day of Pride Month for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community. Signed into law.

DeSantis signed the bill at an event at a Christian school in Jacksonville, where several teenage female athletes were around him. He said that laws need to be enacted to ensure the fairness of women’s participation in sports across the state.

The governor said: “I can tell you: in Florida, girls will participate in women’s sports, and boys will participate in men’s sports.” “When we play sports, we will be based on biology, not ideology.”

Supporters of the Sports Act say that transgender female athletes have an unfair advantage. They were designated as males at birth but later changed.

Florida legislation has Rush through the state legislature As an annex to the Charter School Act. It was approved by the opposition of Democrats and civil rights advocates who called the prohibition of transgender girls and women from participating in sports discriminatory and accused Republicans of provocation to motivate the right wing of their party.

Gina Duncan, head of the LGBTQ equal rights organization Florida Equality, responded on Twitter: “This obliteration makes the lives of those who are already at the highest risk of violence even more dangerous.” Tuesday Later, there are plans to hold a rally against the new signing of the law in five cities in Florida.

The advocacy organization Human Rights Movement stated that it will challenge the law in court because it is based on “false and discriminatory premises” that threaten the well-being of trans children.

“A transgender child is a child; a transgender girl is a girl. Like all children, they should have the opportunity to exercise with friends and be part of a team,” said Alfonso David, chairman of the Human Rights Campaign, in a statement.

About 100 bills have been introduced in more than 20 states this year that will restrict the rights of transgender people.Transgender advocates call on companies to boycott states and the U.S. that pass such laws Business leaders speak up Oppose them.

Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, and West Virginia all passed similar legislation, and the governor of South Dakota signed an executive order supporting the sports ban. All have Republican governors.

April, Arkansas Become the first state in the U.S. Banning hormonal treatment and surgery for trans young people, overturning Governor Asa Hutchinson’s veto, and inviting civil rights organizations that have pledged to stop this practice to challenge the law.

Arkansas laws threaten health care professionals to lose their medical licenses and allow patients who later regret their procedures to file lawsuits.

June is called “Pride Month” in the United States. President Joe Biden issued an announcement on Tuesday to commemorate the beginning of the month and urged Congress to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination, noting that their rights in many states have been eroded.

Biden’s predecessor, Trump, did not recognize Pride Month during his four-year tenure.


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